Hottest new tech revealed at CES 2021

Emma Sy, Contributing Writer

The Consumer Technology Association Event is the biggest tech show of the year.  Technology alliances gather to share information, networks, and presentations.  The latest technological innovations are revealed and  standards are set.   Usually, it is a large in-person gathering.  However, due to the global pandemic, this event was held virtually.  

CES 2021, which took place from Jan. 11- 14, made history as the largest digital tech industry event ever.  Nearly 2,000 companies unveiled their latest innovations for a better future.  Inventions from over 150 different countries were included.  Startups from Nigeria and Russia were featured for the first time as well.  

Robots were some of the major innovations presented at this event, such as the AI vacuum cleaner made by Samsung called the Samsung Jetbot 90 AI.  This AI vacuum cleaner uses object recognition technology to identify objects in your home to find the best cleaning path.  It avoids cables and small items, and when it’s done, it empties its own trash bin at the charging system so you don’t have to.  Not only does this AI robot clean your house, but it also doubles as a security device when paired with Samsung’s Smart Things app.  

“I think it’s a device that can get bigger in the future, but for right now, I don’t think it will be a major product that is bought in the markets because AI technology for most people at this time is very expensive,” said junior Kiera Darnell.  

Another major product created by Samsung is its solar-powered TV remote.  Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TVs come with a remote with a solar cell, which lets the remote recharge using  indoor lights in your house.  Samsung estimates that this solar powered remote can save up to 200 million single AAA batteries from ending up in the garbage, which is the equivalent to nearly 200 tons of waste.  

“I think this is an incredible product, and I think it’s something that will become hugely popular in the near future.  Solar technology is becoming bigger and bigger as people are trying to conserve the environment, so I think this remote is something that is environmentally friendly and incredibly useful,” said junior Marissa Cichon.

Robots were a common theme with Samsung and one soon to be on the market is the Samsung Bot Handy.  This robot is designed to do chores around the house, such as cleaning up messy rooms, putting dirty laundry into laundry machines, and picking up and throwing away trash.  The Bot Handy  has a rolling base with a mechanical arm equipped with a clamp and relies on AI and delicate mechanics to be able to apply the appropriate amount of force to whatever job it’s doing.  

“I wish I could have this in my house.  It seems like a useful product that people would want, but I’m not sure it’s particularly necessary or affordable for most people.  I don’t think it’s something that would be forgotten because AI is becoming bigger, but I don’t think it’s a necessary product for common households,” said junior Olivia Platt.  

 An excellent innovation for your furry friends is the myQ Pet Portal created by Chamberlain.  It’s a fully automated, Internet-connected pet door that gives dogs or cats the freedom to go outside whenever they want because you can remotely activate it.  This door includes 1080p cameras that can connect to your phone, safety sensors to avoid pinched tails, and microphone-speaker systems that allow you to talk to your pet when you’re not home.  

“I think this is a great product if you have pets because a lot of people feel guilty for not being able to let their pets outside when they’re not home.  I think this is a great way for pet owners to relieve that guilt,” said junior Lexi Vesselinov.  

There were thousands of innovations shown off at CES 2021, many of which may become successful products of the future.  It’s clear that artificial intelligence is the path of the future with millions of groundbreaking ideas.  As the years go by, AI becomes bigger and bigger, and so will the companies that use  these new technologies.