Why Zoom is here to stay


Kayla Caplin, Staff Writer


While COVID-19 has taken its toll on almost all aspects of “normal” life, luckily, the pandemic is taking place in an era when technology makes communication easier.  With the world locked down, people found ways to connect online and through one of the most popular platforms, Zoom, which now has 300 million active monthly users.  Eventually, when the pandemic is under control and people reintegrate themselves back into normal society, Zoom will be here to stay. 

“Now that we’ve seen that many jobs can be done from home, I’m not sure we’ll ever fully go back to the way we used to be.  I think a lot more will be done from home over Zoom,” said junior Talya Pecullan.

With many jobs now accessible from anywhere with WiFi, there is no reason for people to rent office space when they can stay in the comfort of their own homes.  Companies will not want to waste money paying for extra offices when their employees can work from home.  Making work accessible from anywhere will revolutionize work space.

“People being forced to use Zoom are also forced to recognize the convenience of virtual meetings and the features that Zoom has to offer,” said junior Danielle Seidman. 

By using Zoom, you can reach anyone.  This allows a more widespread outreach for companies, and it is impossible to ignore the opportunities this provides.  Meetings can be conducted from all over the world, allowing people with different cultural backgrounds and mindsets to meet with each other.  In the long run, this could help increase the success of many companies.

“Zoom is convenient; I save time by meeting with people remotely, and it has made my schedule much more flexible.  Since commuting is no longer necessary, meetings can be much more spontaneous.  Plus, I get to interact with people from the comfort of my own home.  I definitely plan to continue using Zoom, even when face-to-face interactions are safe once more,” said junior Meiling Laurence. 

Zoom is truly convenient.  People can work longer hours and have more time to relax because commuting has become obsolete.  In addition, a person has all of their necessities from home like drinks, food, pets, restrooms, and more.  Zoom allows people to create and be flexible with their own schedule. 

“It’s easier than getting together in person.  Also, people who have limited mobility or are ill can participate in activities that they previously couldn’t,” said junior Kiera Darnell. 

Due to the many benefits that Zoom users experience, many are considering not returning to work in-person after the pandemic.  Why struggle with coworker dynamics, workplace politics, a dress code, and a commute when work can be done from home?  Zoom will be a long term working option for those who enjoy its efficiency.