Port holds COVID friendly SOUPer Bowl event for families

Samantha Friedler , Contributing Writer

On the first Sunday of February, friends and family pull out tasty chips and soda, and gather around the TV set to watch, hopefully,  their favorite football teams play in the Super Bowl. This year, these joyous gatherings will look a little different with families needing to find new activities that can provide them with equal amounts of entertainment while also staying safe.  In response, the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce (PWOC) will be hosting a COVID-friendly SOUPer Bowl for anyone who wishes to come.  

“I am so glad that Port Washington is taking initiative and trying to make celebrations more safe and fun for everyone to enjoy,” said sophomore Ellie Ross.  

The event will take place from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.  p.m. on Feb. 6, allowing people to stop by the Archangel Michael Church to pick up a $30 reusable tote bag filled with at least ten different flavors of  soup.  All of the soups are 6 ounces each and were carefully curated and cooked by Port Washington’s favorite restaurants.  On the night of the Super Bowl, these meals can be heated up on the stove to create a warm and easy family dinner.  It is suggested that families use the ten flavors included in the bag, to have a fun taste-testing game that all family members can enjoy.  

“I can’t wait to participate in this thrilling game while I watch my favorite team play,” said sophomore Tarah Parmar.

After finishing up the hot and delicious meal, families are encouraged to contact PWOC and vote for the soup they enjoyed the most.  At the end of the event, the votes will be tallied and the soup with the highest count will be crowned the winner.  This exciting ballot is meant to add an extra source of fun to the night, and will bring families and friends together. .  Additionally, the excess soup left after the game ends can be easily stored in the fridge to provide flavorful and tasty meals for days to come.  

“I can’t wait to vote on my favorite soup of the night and hear what flavor is going to win,” said sophomore Samantha Epp.  

To add to the fun-packed night, children up to 12 years old are permitted to take place in the “Kids Choice Awards” event.  This additional activity will allow the younger kids of the family to have a special part in the taste-testing competition.  After trying each of the soups, children will be given the opportunity to pick their favorite flavors and parents will send these results back to the PWOC.  All of the children’s votes will be counted and the soup with the most tallies will be given the “Kids Choice Award.”  This additional voting will give kids a personalized role in the event and is looking to make them more engaged and enthusiastic.  

“I am so happy that my younger siblings will also be able to participate in this entertaining activity this year,” said sophomore Grace Ain.  

Not only does the event provide a COVID-friendly alternative to the activities of past years, but it also allows family members to come together and spend a memorable night with one another.