Students and staff have a relaxing and much needed February break


Abby Schiff, Contributing Writer


After a tough and stressful 2020, many were looking forward to February break to get some time off.  For some, this included staying home, relaxing, and maybe seeing some friends.  For others, break consisted of getting away and going skiing, tanning, or adventuring.  Although the break might have looked different for many this year because of all of the precautions that needed to be taken for COVID-19, there were still many ways to stay safe and have fun over February break.

“I’m very excited for the break this year!  Although it will look different from past years, there are many hobbies I have always wanted to try and now I have time to do them.  With the virus, it is really important to be safe,” said freshman Isabella Blickley before the break.

It was totally understandable for people to want to get away.  Going somewhere new and doing something they normally don’t get to is great for the body and mind, especially given the stresses people have been experiencing during the pandemic.  

“I think taking a break allows for the mind to rest.  Weekends are seemingly shorter now, and it doesn’t help when we have so many assignments to worry about during what is supposed to be our free time.  February break gives us time to pause and refresh without worrying about something all the time.  Break can also be a time to practice social distancing and have fun at the same time.  Let’s say you go skiing.  You can still enjoy the outdoors while staying apart,” said freshman Helena Cifarelli. 

 While taking these trips, it was still important to recognize the precautions one should take.  For example, if you were planning to take a plane somewhere, taking extra hand sanitizer and wipes to clean surfaces before using them was necessary.  Wearing a mask and keeping socially distant from others was obviously a given.  

For those who stayed home this year, there were many things to do to keep busy and while still having fun.  

“You can play outside with your friends with masks on.  Even though you may be dying to go to your favorite destination spot, you can spend more family time playing board games or having movie nights,” said freshman Sarah Schwartz. 

February break was also the time to catch up on movies and television shows that you never have time to watch.  In addition, given the snow that we got during the vacation, sledding was an amazing outdoor activity to do with friends, while still staying safe from the virus.  

Break was also a great time to pick up a new hobby.  Whether it was learning to cook, bake, draw, or play an instrument, the break was a perfect opportunity to try new things.  Tutorials are available for almost anything you might want to learn to do.  

“This year, with everything going on, I think it is the perfect time to try something new.  I can finally take a break from everything and give my mind something new and exciting to do,” said freshman Amber Yaraghchi heading into the break.