Schreiber bowling rolls through a season of success


Kyle Wong

Senior Sarah Chung goes for a spare in practice at Herrill Lanes on Jan. 9. They prepare for their final match on Jan. 14 against Great Neck South.

Abraham Franchetti, Opinions Editor

This year, despite a challenging and unfamiliar environment, Schreiber’s bowling teams have had incredible seasons.  Girls and boys bowling both had winning records, and the boys team won the conference with a perfect record.  This marked the first time Schreiber’s team advanced to the county tournament.  

Every sports season and team has been altered due to COVID-19.  For bowling, this includes limits on the size of the team, specific rules for spacing on the bus and at practice, a shorter season than usual, and masks at all times.  In addition to that, virtual school days, often announced at a moments notice, prevented the team from practicing.  However, Port Bowling overcame all of these obstacles to succeed.  Although they couldn’t go to the alley when school was closed, they took the time to plan and get ready to practice harder the next day.

“I’m really proud of what we accomplished this season, going undefeated and winning the conference.  Also being able to be the first boys team ever to make the county tournament is an amazing way to be able to finish my four years on the team” said senior Trevor Capps.

This stellar season was built on momentum from past years and was not only dependent on the skill of each player, but also their teamwork and determination too.  Despite shorter preparation time, each team opened the season strong, racking up victories, with the boys going undefeated.  For the seniors on the team this was the culmination of years of work.  

“This season was the one we have been waiting for our whole high school tenure.  Some of us have been here from the beginning, while others quickly assimilating into the team culture.  We knew this season was not going to be easy and we were going to experience many hitches due to the global pandemic, however, we did not let that stop us.  We knew we had the best team we have had in years.  With the practice we have been putting in for years now we were able to win the Conference Championship and even me labeled as top 12 in the County to advance to the County finals.  The journey since freshman year for me has been full of hard work and enjoyable memories that I will remember for a lifetime.” said senior David Weiner.

Against Great Neck North, David bowled a score of 262, getting more than eight strikes, the highest score of the day.  His leadership helped propel the team to victory in multiple games, and ultimately led to his accolades at the county level.  Other key players were seniors Trevor Capps, Mike Bellini, Jacob Schupak, Luke Fain, and Daniel Haas.  Since COVID restrictions limited each team’s presence at meets to six players, this group of tight-knit seniors attended most meets together.  The result was easily visible in their rampant success and positive team culture.  In the conference championship they were 8-3 against Herricks.  On Saturday, Feb. 20, they placed 11th in the county championships.  

On the girls team, senior Christine Whorms played a pivotal role. Although the team didn’t make it to counties, she competed there individually.  

“This year was different for us because they limited the number of matches we had and the number of girls that were able to bowl.  For me qualifying for the individual county championship was more difficult this year because I had less time to get my average up.  All worked out in the end and I was glad the team went 8-2 and that counties were able to happen and that I was able to go” said Whorms.

This incredible season continued an impressive streak for Port Bowling.  Last year both teams had winning records, and the girls team went undefeated.  Next year, Port Bowling hopes to improve on these victories and continue this streak of excellence.  

Bowling is often overlooked as a high school sport, but Schreiber’s teams should challenge the status quo.  Indeed, their past and current success is a source of pride in a generally melancholy time.  Right now, all Schreiber students can and should be inspired by the determination, skill, and teamwork present on Vikings Bowling.