Ed Foundation grant creates new Schreiber recording studio

Mikey Capobianco, Assistant News Editor

The addition of a recording studio in Schreiber High School will provide students with an exciting creative space to record their projects for various activities.  With the collaboration between the Ed Foundation, Creative Arts Director Mr. Kevin Scully, and the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, the recording studio has finally been built for student use.

The idea originated from Mr. Scully and members of the music department who  reached out to the Ed Foundation to brainstorm ideas for funding such a project.  The Ed Foundation did not have enough funds to take on the construction of the studio alone, so they looked for direct donations.  Soon enough, the Cornelia T. Bailey Philanthropic Arts Program, which is a non-profit organization that helps implement art and music programs in schools, accepted the Ed Foundation’s application and grant report for the studio.

After the grant was accepted, the final step was construction.  The idea for the studio emerged last year, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was installed in the fall and is located in the technology wing, adjacent to the auditorium.  The recording studio is equipped with acoustic sound panels that make the room soundproof and microphones that are connected to a separate sound room.  This ensures that someone operating the soundboard can listen to the recordings through headphones.

“The new recording studio seems like it has a ton of cool features.  I’m sure there will be a ton of cool opportunities associated with it,” said sophomore Bryson Shaub. 

There were many reasons why Mr. Scully and the Ed Foundation wanted to build a recording studio in Schreiber.  First off, they saw it as a great opportunity to merge with and build upon some similar pre-existing institutions which have been staples of Schreiber like the WDOT radio station and the TV studio.  Furthermore, with daily life becoming increasingly more digital, many students can now create recordings to send in for their college admissions, and the studio creates a space to get the proper sound quality needed for a successful product.

“Many students plan on majoring or minoring in music in college, so the space is valuable to them.  We also hope for the students taking Music Theory that they will eventually be able to record their own compositions,” said Mr. Scully.  

Currently, the recording studio is being used for Schreiber’s virtual theatre production, Disney’s High School Musical Jr. and Mr. Scully is also hoping that students preparing for the NYSSMA festival will be able to rehearse their performances inside the studio.

“I am very excited for the projects that Shcreiber will use the recording studio for.  Hopefully, it is significantly used by the students and we can get the most out of such a unique place,” said sophomore Liam Regan.

With the addition of the recording studio, Schreiber strives for there to be a new space for students to express their creativity in a digital way through the form of audio.  Due to Mr. Scully and the Ed Foundation’s determination, the recording studio is now a permanent institution that will be soon used for amazing projects.