Edible art: charcuterie boards!


Abby Schiff, Staff Writer

Throughout the year, many food-oriented trends have come and gone, but recently making charcuterie boards has become one of the biggest food trends.  People love to piece together food in a creative, unique way that makes it more fun to eat and share with others.  Many love the aesthetic of all of the food neatly packed together on the board.  A lot of people make a classic board with typical ingredients you would find on a board, but as the trend has grown, many have begun to use more outside of the box foods that you wouldn’t typically find on charcuterie boards. 

“I have a great boost of serotonin every time I make a charcuterie board.  The satisfaction brings me great joy and I can’t wait until I make the next one.  The aesthetic of the layout is really satisfying,” said freshman Megan Mazzei.

The traditional charcuterie board typically consists of meat, crackers, and cheese as the main ingredients.  Usually people put the ingredients on a wooden board to make it look nicer, but you can use anything.

To fill space between the cheese, meat, and crackers, people like to add vegetables, nuts, and spreads that compliment the food on the board.  Sometimes, people add grapes to the board as a nice sweet flavor that brightens up the board and fills space.  If you want to make a simple and easy board, this is definitely the way to go.

“Making charcuterie boards is super fun and easy to do.  I always have a blast making them and they always look so nice after I’m finished putting all of the different ingredients on the board and making them go in super fun patterns,” said freshman Amber Yaraghchi.

Lately, a new trend of making candy charcuterie boards has erupted and taken over social media.  People from all over the world have been posting videos and pictures of the colorful and aesthetic boards.  You can use any candy you want and place it in a way that is similar to a traditional charcuterie board.  

The best part about it is that you can make a whole board of just one color candy, or you can use many different color candies.  For example, if you wanted a blue board, you could use blue sour strips, blue gummies, and other blue candies.

“The candy charcuterie boards are super fun and cool to look at.  They are a great way of switching things up for people who may not like the traditional ingredients on a board,” said freshman Cami Psaltos.

Another option for charcuterie boards is using fruit.  On a hot summer day, a fruit board is a refreshing fun way to cool down.  Because there are so many different colors and shapes of fruit, it is easy to make a colorful and unique fruit board.  

Overall, charcuterie boards are an easy and fun trend to try if you’re interested in doing something with food.  Just gather a few simple ingredients, put on some music, and get to work on your edible masterpiece.