A return to normalcy is found with the announcement of 2022 concert tours


Isabelle Kitay, Staff Writer

After being deprived of so many in-person activities for months, concerts are definitely highly-anticipated events that people can’t wait to experience once again.    Throughout the past year, artists have done a great job coming up with new and creative ways of safely exciting their fans and getting their music out into the world.  Artists like Niall Horan and Billie Eilish have rented out stadiums and recorded a performance to broadcast to fans who buy a ticket.  Anyone across the world can watch a concert from their own home, which is a great innovation and adaptation to the current times.  Clearly, the pandemic has not stopped the music industry. 

However, there is nothing quite like being at a concert with thousands of people you don’t know sharing the same interests and singing along to the music.  Artists and producers recognize that, and are trying to give people as much optimism as possible.  Given that the conditions are getting better as we are getting closer to herd immunity, artists have booked venues and scheduled concert dates for fans to buy tickets for.

“As much as I loved watching virtual concerts from my couch, it definitely does not feel the same as being at an in-person festival,” said junior Jae Longaro.

Much like many others, Justin Bieber had a tour scheduled for 2020 that he had to postpone.  However, he has rescheduled his world tour for the summer of 2021.  Originally, his 2020 tour was for his album, Intentions, but he has since released more music.  It will be interesting to see how he incorporates the new and old music into his performance.  The tour kicks off on June 2  in Las Vegas, and has dates planned in New York,  Boston, and even all the way to Canada.  Tickets are available for purchase at this time, and they are being bought up very fast.

 “It is great to see that people have stayed loyal fans of their favorite artists, and still want to see them perform over a year after the original tour dates,” said junior Olivia Kerrane. 

After performing in the Super Bowl this past year, The Weeknd has gained an entirely new fanbase.  To make sure he keeps it this way, he has booked a tour that spans from Europe to North America during the summer of 2022.  Buying a seat right now will give you a slightly discounted price, but more importantly, something to look forward to.  Other artists who have tried to achieve similar goals are Maroon 5, Jojo Siwa, Harry Styles, and more. The music industry in the upcoming months will be very different, in a good way. 

“I am excited for what musicians have in store for the world, and it can only go up from here,” said junior Kaeleigh Romero. 

Despite the wreck COVID-19 has done, concerts, along with other exciting things, seem to be close to coming back in some capacity.