Counterpoint: Should U.S. Troops Have Left Afghanistan?


Spencer Cohen, Contributing Writer

Recently, the United States withdrew many American soldiers from Afghanistan, thus ending the war that had been raging on for 20 years.  By one estimate, approximately 7,000 American soldiers were left in Kabul, and now that the troops have left, Taliban forces have taken control of the Afghan government.  This decision to take U.S. troops out of Afghanistan has sparked much controversy from both sides of the political compass.  However, removing troops from the area was extremely dangerous and counterproductive.

President Biden and members of the cabinet had the right idea to send troops out of Afghanistan.  There were no real significant developments in the government and many Americans and Afghans were killed.

“How many more?  How many more American daughters and sons are you willing to risk?” said President Biden in a briefing on July 8, 2021.

However, as a result of this decision, Taliban forces have spread their influence and innocent lives were taken at the expense of this decision.

Billions of dollars were being spent by the government on troops in Afghanistan. However, the money spent was a necessary investment because the United States has a global duty of keeping the world safe. Consequently, now that the troops are removed, the Taliban has little resistance and opposition. 

The armed forces have been fighting this war for 20 years, and for good reason: to respond to the horrible attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Who knows how many more terrorist attacks would have happened if America did not send this message?

         Due to the messy evacuation of Afghanistan, many people are left stranded in the hands of the Taliban.  Now, people on different sides of the political spectrum express different ideas of getting the soldiers out of Afghanistan.

         “Perhaps we make a deal with the Taliban so they leave them alone and maybe we leave them alone, or you could go the route of saying they never should have been left behind in the first place,” said freshman Dylan Saunders.

Although this is accurate, this would be unnecessary if America maintained its influence.

         It is extremely difficult to trust a country with years of injustices.  Afghanistan has a long history of mistreating and persecuting different minority groups.  Without United States surveillance, this injustice would continue.  If America is a country dedicated to creating a more perfect society, it is necessary to protect the interest of all humans.

            When such a violent and militant organization that has killed so many suddenly decides to chant about their motivations to rebuild all of their beliefs, it comes as a big surprise.  Taliban gunmen have been going to Afghan homes and interrogating innocent people whether they support the United States effort or not.  Therefore, it can be concluded that leaving Afghanistan was a harmful decision.