Editorial: Students should be allowed in the departmental offices for extra help

Editorial Board

The 2020-2021 school year was complex and challenging for all students in Port Washington.  Online classes and limited interactions with teachers caused many students to struggle.  However, as COVID-19 is still a domestic problem, the school district has attempted to keep some of these protective measures in place.  Although these measures are put in place to keep students safe, some of them are detrimental to the community, especially the policy that ensures students do not go into departmental offices for extra help. 

The Schreiber administration had pure intentions when making this executive decision: keeping students and teachers safe.  Approximately 90.1% of Nassau County teenagers are vaccinated, and the rates continue to go up, according to Covid Act Now.  With proper social distancing and the usage of masks, the probability of catching the virus in an extra help session is miniscule.  

Our school is putting students at a huge disadvantage by preventing them from entering department.  Although teachers are allowed to conduct extra help sessions in classrooms, these classrooms do not contain the same academic environment as the departmental offices.  These offices are constantly filled with teachers who are happy to help students solve their problems, whether or not they are in the teachers’ classes.  These rooms are constantly quiet and can even be used as a place to study and prepare for tests.  If, as a community, Port Washington is committed to bringing back a sense of normalcy, this would be a positive addition.  

As delta variant case rates are down, the school should seek to make adjustments opposed to sticking to old rules.  Rules are meant to be changed and altered with the times.  Schreiber can always change back to the old methods if necessary.  However, there is no reason to hinder students’ success.  Reopening department offices  is a necessary risk  because there are hundreds of conscientious students who could benefit.  There is only one way to find out if this decision will significantly help students. Most have reason to believe that it would because of positive experiences seeking extra help.  What do you say, Schreiber administration? Can you help out our students?