Let’s Walk PW


Talia Sinclair, Staff Writer

On Sept. 12 2021, Residents Forward, a local non-profit, launched a new initiative called Let’s Walk PW.  This program invited members of Port Washington to join Senator Anna Kaplan, Members of the Town Council, and Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti, just to name a few, on a guided walk through town. 

The intent was to show residents of Port Washington changes made to encourage more foot traffic and increased patronage of small businesses. 

Local graphic artist Michelle Shain designed fifteen signs with QR codes that were placed within a mile of the town dock. The QR codes lead users to links that showwhich historical landmarks, parks, shops, and restaurants are nearby, and a map of how to get there from the user’s location.  

“Let’s Walk Port Washington is a very fun activity for both people who live in Port and those who are just visiting.  And the best part is that it highlights businesses in town that may have suffered during the pandemic to help them get back on their feet,” said junior Keira Gould.

There are various reasons behind the creation of Let’s Walk PW.  One of the main objectives was to help local businesses recover from the dip in sales due to the pandemic.  

“At first, Port businesses were negatively impacted, and a few stores shut down, but as the pandemic went on, they were able to adapt to circumstances.  I think this new initiative will be a great boost for Port businesses, and I can’t wait to go look at all the signs for myself,” said junior Geordan Sparber.

Another objective of this program is to encourage people to spend more time exercising outdoors, and to limit the number of vehicles on the street. Increasing foot traffic and decreasing vehicles on the road could also potentially decrease Port Washington’s carbon footprint. 

“I love this project because it just makes sense, it keeps our air clean, our bodies healthy and is devoid of two things we all hate — parking and traffic.  But we are all guilty of getting in the car. We perceive things as further away than they really are.  The job of Let’s Walk PW is to remind people that great things are closer than you think,” said Mindy Germain, a Let’s Walk project leader and Residents Forward board member.