Halloween DIY Guide: How to get in the spooky spirit quickly and easily


Geordan Sparber, Contributing Writer

With Halloween quickly approaching, the major question is what to dress up as? This is a major obstacle that many people encounter when they begin to decide their costume. Another issue is how to make their desired costume at home or as cost effectively as possible, while still maintaining the creativity and integrity of the costume. To help answer these questions, here are some simple DIY costume ideas that can be made with easily accessible materials. 

The first simple, yet creative, costume that can be made is a cowgirl or a cowboy.  To put this costume together, all you will need is a flannel, jeans, and a hat. If you really want to embrace the look, then you might add boots. Flannels and jeans are both fairly common items, making them incredibly easy to find locally. A cowboy hat and boots are also available to purchase in nearby stores, such as Target or TJ Maxx. This costume is creative, comfortable, and definitely diy-able for all of your party and trick or treating plans. 

If you’re interested in touching upon your childish side, dressing up as Cookie Monster is also a fun and easy idea. To create this costume, you can throw on a blue shirt, pants or a skirt, and  attach paper cutouts of cookies with safety pins. You can purchase any of these supplies at our nearby Target or Michael’s. 

“Getting supplies for a cute and easy costume at a place nearby is both fun and easy!” said junior Melanie Brady.

Another simple and festive costume that can be easily created is a ghost. To DIY this look, very few items are needed. All you need is a bedsheet, scissors, and a black marker. To make this correctly, cut out circles in the bedsheet for eye holes, and then draw on a mouth using a black marker.  If you do not have an extra white bed sheet laying around, you can find one at Home Goods, located on Shore Road.  Black markers and scissors can be purchased at the Rite Aid on Port Boulevard. Overall, this is a simple costume that will definitely be a crowd pleaser if you have an upcoming costume contest. 

“This costume can help me touch upon my scary side, and I can do it in an easy and effective way!” said junior Layla Hershkowitz. 

Lastly, skeletons are a major symbol of Halloween, making it a perfect costume for any plans you may have. To create this costume, all you need is a black sweatshirt and a white shirt. To look like a skeleton, cut out holes to resemble bones in the middle of the white shirt, and then, put the white shirt over your black sweatshirt as if it is a dark body beneath the skeleton. If you wish, you can purchase make-up from your local convenience store to give yourself the full bony effect. All parts of this costume can be bought from either Rite Aid or Target. 

“A skeleton costume perfectly fits the scary theme of Halloween, and also gives a form of comfort when you are celebrating,” said junior Kaitlyn Schwirzbin.

Overall, each of these costumes are creative, easy to make, and comfortable to wear.  They are all bound to be crowd pleasers. Happy Halloween!