Point: Was it necessary to redo the front of the school?


Spencer Cohen, Contributing Writer

The renovation taking place at the main entrance of Schreiber High School is definitely necessary.  It provides many benefits, and could help make the life of a student at Schreiber easier. Renovations of our school buildings often spark positive responses, and many students and staff are thrilled to see the new additions that will be made. 

“I am excited to see the changes that will be brought,” said freshman Sadie Feingold.

Students agree that Schreiber needs a lot of changes and are looking forward to what changes these renovations could bring.  The main entrance was thought to be tacky and old-fashioned by many, and it aged poorly with dust and dirt.  It will be nice to see a new, refreshing look after decades of the same entrance.

“I think that the stairs in front were all worn out and outdated and it is time for a refresh,” said freshman Nathan Jackman.

The renovation has been funded by a $70 million bond. Schreiber is not the only school being renovated; the other 6 schools will also be reconstructed. In Schreiber, the renovation will add extra space to the cafeteria, a new stairwell connecting  the cafeteria to the commons, and new technology classrooms.  Many students buy their lunch at the cafeteria and also sit there to eat during their lunch periods.  It becomes crowded during these times and sometimes people have to go to the Commons or the gymnasium to eat their lunch. The additional space in the cafeteria will ensure more space for more students who would like to stay in there and eat or conversate with friends.  

“I am sure the extra space for the cafeteria will be an exciting change and it will space out the students so the rule of social distancing is not being broken,” said freshman Zach Birbiglio.

Additionally, a new stairwell between the cafeteria and the commons will help students tremendously.  Students who regularly visit the commons can easily access the cafeteria to buy lunch and walk right back up to the commons to find friends.  The stairwell could also be used if anyone has any classes on the top floor and could also easily access the cafeteria to get something to eat. 

“I think having a stairwell connecting to the cafeteria will save so much time and many students will definitely make use of this stairwell,” said sophomore Ragib Haque. 

More technology classrooms will also prove to be beneficial to students.  This would  mean new computers and other devices, which will ensure that Schreiber’s technology will run smoothly.  These new rooms can also be used by clubs and other extracurricular activities; hopefully these new computers will lead to new electives and classes for the student body to sign up for.

A fresh look is something that is always welcomed.  For an outsider, having proper maintenance on a building shows that the people running the establishment take  great care and pride in what they are doing.  A fresh design gives a nice feeling to people unfamiliar with the student life at school.  It will provide a more welcoming entrance into the school which will brighten the mood of students, staff, and visitors to the building. 

It was clear that the front of the building was starting to wear and it was time for a maintenance check.  These renovations can change the atmosphere of our school.  It leaves first impressions for incoming freshmen, new staff members, or just people who have never been to the school before.  Every school board should have their students in mind when making a big decision like renovating a wing of the school.  Furthermore, a building cannot remain the same forever, so the school must slowly be fixed or else more problems will arise. In conclusion,  the new changes to Schreiber and the other schools in this district will be beneficial and focus on the academics, the arts, and athletics.