On My Block finale has gotten varying reviews from Netflix audiences across the globe,


Mikayla Schwartz, Contributing Writer

The fourth and final season of hit Netflix series On My Block was released on Oct. 4, and so far has been receiving some mixed reviews.  The show follows a group of five friends: Cesar, played by Diego Tinoco, Monse, played by Sierra Capri, Ruby, played by Jason Genao,  Jasmine, played by Jessica Marie Garcia, and Jamal, Brett Gray.  Fans have watched as these characters they know and love evolved and grew throughout the show.

 Growing up in Freeridge, California, these teens were inseparable for a large majority of their lives.  They recently drifted, resulting in a large shift between seasons one and two.  

The season starts off with a two-year jump forward, during which  the group hasn’t spoken in a considerable amount of time.  This was certainly not what fans expected from the fourth season.  

“I found it kind of odd that they jumped so far ahead,” said junior Madison Forman.  

One of the main characters, Monse, left Freeridge two years prior to attend school at Mayfield Academy.  When she returns, she is shocked to find that things have changed a considerable amount.  The previously “nerdy” Jamal is now a popular kid who is liked by most girls in school.  Cesar has stepped into the role of leading the local gang, The Santos, which was previously run by his brother.  Ruby is running for class president, while also trying to navigate his complicated, co-dependent relationship with Jasmine. 

“Although I thought the ending was good, I think it could have been better, it definitely left me wanting to know more, which was annoying,”  said junior Erika Siegel.

That said, other fans truly enjoyed the finale.  

“I was really happy with the ending of the show.  Personally I wish Netflix could have extended the series, but I am glad that Cesar and Monse rekindle their relationship. I had a feeling that the show would end with a celebration of Abuelita’s death, which I feel like tied everything together well,” said senior Mikayla Gargani.   

Although the show follows a group of high school students, it covers so much more than just the typical high school tropes.  The show touches upon issues of family, race, and class, allowing viewers to really connect with characters as they bear witness to their struggles.  The final season acts as a homage to the characters themselves, and the growth they’ve demonstrated.  Many of these characters have blossomed from once-insecure teenagers, unsure of who they were or who they wanted to be.  

However, throughout all of this, if there has been one constant throughout each season, it is the group’s friendship.  No matter how terrible things may have seemed, there was an unwavering understanding among the group – if you needed them, they would be there. 

Fans who are disappointed that the show has come to an end don’t need to panic just yet; Netflix has recently announced that “a more female driven” spin-off, titled Freeridge, is in the works.   It will “continue to invest in authentic characters that represent our passionate audience,” according to the statement released by the production team.  So far, we know the names of the four main characters (Cameron, Demi, Gloria, and Ines), as well the names of the cast members (Bryana Salaz, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Ciara Riley Wilson, and Shiv Pai).  Clearly, the adventures in Freeridge are far from over, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.