Rolling Loud is back for all music enthusiasts


Luca Fasciano, Contributing Writer

After taking a break in 2020, Rolling Loud is coming back to New York for another run.  Founded by Miami-based hip-hop enthusiasts Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif in 2015, Rolling Loud has quickly become the largest hip-hop festival in the world.  While they have many pop-ups around the country, the New York and Miami locations have been the most popular.  They are even preparing to expand internationally, throwing Portugal into the mix.  For three nights in July 2020, nearly 75,000 people attended the festival at the Hard-Rock Stadium in Miami..

“Exactly two years ago, we held the first-ever Rolling Loud New York at Citi Field.  Two weeks from now, we’ll be back to take over for Halloween” said the Rolling Loud Instagram account. 

After this notice, tickets for the upcoming Rolling Loud were quick to sell out.  On the site, a three-day General Admission Pass costs $400.  Now, tickets can be found on third-party sites for $250-300, nearly a quarter less than the initial retail price.  The music festival holds a large appeal to high school students due to its all-ages welcome policy.  

This time around, the festival is hitting Citi Field on Oct. 28-30, colliding with the weekend of Halloween.  People have even discussed wearing their Halloween costumes at the Saturday event.  Even without the costumes, people will still use this opportunity to dress their best.  

“I am not sure if I’m going to wear a costume yet. I think it would be fun if everyone did,” said sophomore Prue Stephens. 

The upcoming line-up includes some of the biggest names in the rap industry.  Each day has its own headliner, starting with 50-Cent on Thursday, J.Cole on Friday, and ending with Travis Scott on Saturday.  Besides the headliners, there are also nearly 130 artists performing over the three-day span.  Some of the most notable are Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Jack Harlow, Roddy Rich, Lil Tjay, Gucci Mane, and Lil Baby.  They have also included a handful of lesser-known artists to provide an opportunity to introduce new music that most listeners have yet to hear. 

“I am looking forward to seeing Rick Ross the most. I grew up listening to him and he has collaborated with my favorite artist Kanye West many times,” said sophomore Mia Clateman. 

Another artist that many are looking forward to hearing from is Sheck Wes. He was mainly a one-hit-wonder with his song “Mo Bamba” in 2018, but fans are looking forward to hearing the hit, which peaked at number two on the Billboard charts.

“I’m extremely excited to watch generational icon Sheck Wes perform his smash 2018 hit, Mo Bamba, in person. The energy is sure to be contagious and the attendees of the concert will definitely be going crazy in their seats. It will truly be an incredible experience and I cannot wait,” said junior Alex Almahmoud.

Although there is an extensive lineup and a huge attendance, Rolling Loud isn’t for everyone.  Due to its main focus on rap and crammed mosh-pits, many people have chosen to opt-out. 

“I’m just not that into that kind of music,” said sophomore Hannah Ross. 

However, the people who are choosing to attend tend to either be rap fanatics, or people who enjoy the loud music, large crowds, and dressing up.  There hasn’t been an announcement about the number of attendees at Citi Field.  Due to the capacity of the stadium and the excitement of the event,  New York Rolling Loud can be expected to have a similar turnout as the previous one in Miami.

 With that said, Rolling Loud is a place for music lovers of all ages to join together, watch their favorite artists, and witness rising stars.  Filled with food pop-ups, wild clothing, bright colored lights, and partying, anyone attending Rolling Loud can be guaranteed a great weekend.