Latest local art exhibits to check out this fall: Warhol and more


Valery Ventura, Staff Writer

Throughout New York City and Long Island, there are several art exhibitions that are worthy of touring this fall.  The Nassau County Museum of Art currently has two exhibitions on display.  One features the familiar name of Andy Warhol, who painted the iconic Campbell Soup paintings. 

¨Knowing that such famous pieces of art we learned about in class are so close to home is kind of crazy to me,¨  said freshman Ashley Cruz.  

Along with those paintings, viewers can see portraits that Andy Warhol painted of various people against vivid backgrounds.  Warhol painted many famous figures, such as Muhammad Ali, Superman, Albert Einstein, and Mickey Mouse, all of which are shown in the exhibit.  Animal paintings done by Warhol are displayed with bright colors and details.   

The other exhibition, called ¨La belle Epoque¨, was curated by Director Emerita Constance Schwartz.  This exhibition displays the art of Paris between the year 1880 and the time of WW1, around 1914.  It was an era of elegance and was even described as a golden age for art.  Artists like Henri Martin, Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec are featured, as they painted displays of wealth and elegance from this time.  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, is showing three exhibits at the moment.  One of the three exhibits is titled “Surrealism Beyond Borders,” made possible by the Barrie A. and DeeDee Wigmore Foundation.  It will be available for viewing until Jan. 20, 2022.  The exhibit features pieces from 45 different countries over the course of eight decades. 

Surrealism has an element of dreams and imagination, placed into everyday life depicted in art.  This artistic movement is also used to display messages as protest against structures by artists.  The art pieces in this exhibit are created through different media and different styles as well, but they all share one similarity–the use of imagination.  

A new exhibition called, “Before Yesterday We Could Fly,” has also just been opened.  It can be considered similar to a time-period room.  

¨The Afrofuturism room is an example of what can happen with new kinds of collaborations, and a new vision for what the museum could be,¨ said Met Curator Sarah Lawrence to Gothamist.  

 Inspired by nineteenth century-era Seneca Village, which was predominantly black and known for its symbolism of freedom and prosperity, pieces have been created in modern-day Central Park.  It reflects the African diasporic belief that the past, present and future are connected.  Pieces including ceramics and contemporary art are displayed in a room modeled after a home in Seneca Village.  

In the Museum of Modern Art, there are currently three different exhibitions.  Adam Pendleton created one of these, a floor to ceiling installation.  His piece features not only painting and drawing, but also a textile work, sculptures, moving images, and even a piece with sound collage. Pendleton’s art features layering of writing, printing, and painting.  

“The museum is calling the project “a total work of art for the 21st century” — channeling the Gesamtkunstwerk of early Modernism,¨ said Lelaine Foster for the New York Times. 

“Greater New York” is an annual collection of artists who work and live in the New York City Area.  Due to the pandemic, it was delayed a year, but it is now stronger than ever.  The exhibition this year is meant to express the strength of artists in New York City and reconnect with the art community. 

¨Seeing a whole community come together after COVID, to create and inspire others, inspires me,¨ said sophomore Gaby Gorczynski.  

The last exhibition, shown at the MoMA, is called “Reuse, Renew, Recycle.”  It features eight projects, inspired by ideas to reuse parts of buildings, recycle materials used to build, and renew ancient construction techniques from China. Architects saw the potential for something to come out of the scraps. 

¨You can see the creativity of the architects in how they made art from something that can be seen as waste,¨  said sophomore Leah Goodman.  

Sustainability is a big factor in this project.  Drawings, models, pictures and videos are exhibited, which present unique work that is being put together in China. 

Each of these nearby exhibits are great opportunities for any art fans in Port Washington to view the work of many prestigious painters, sculptors, and more.