Local Thanksgiving foods to add to your table

Local Thanksgiving foods to add to your table

Elizabeth Conneely , Staff Writer


  Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and with it is a time known for giving back and coming together with family and friends. Thanksgiving has become recognized as a holiday, where entire families come together to give thanks over a delicious meal.

Origins can be traced back to 1621, when the colonists hunted wild turkeys during autumn, and thus, the turkey has gained its quintessential role at the center of the Thanksgiving table since.  Thanksgiving was not recognized as a national holiday until a declaration by Abraham Lincoln in  1863.  The tradition of a delicious, seasoned turkey on family dinner platters has since been adopted by many Americans, including the president, who has been presented with a “National Thanksgiving Turkey” every Nov. since 1947. 

If you’re looking to find the classic Thanksgiving turkey to cook, look no further than our local grocery stores such as Uncle Giueseppe’s and North Shore Farms. In addition, they both offer catering options that can provide your family with the entire Thanksgiving Day meal, from turkey and gravy to cornbread and stuffing to vegetables and potatoes.  Those catering services even offer a choice for dessert of apple or pumpkin pie.  Buying a Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best ways to enjoy a delectable meal without unnecessary stress.

“Thanksgiving is a delicious meal I tend to look forward to all year.  Turkey, potatoes, and gravy are all essentials to my Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving tables.  While these foods are delicious, they often take a really long time to prepare and cook.  This year, I will totally be thinking about purchasing aspects of my Thanksgiving dinner locally!” said junior Gaby Sorin.

Pumpkin pie is known to symbolize harvest time, and so it often correlates with Thanksgiving traditions.  Small and local bakeries in Port Washington and Manhasset, such as Steiner’s, Buttercookery, and St Honore, offer their take on this traditional treat for customers.  Pies are sold in addition to an array of other Thanksgiving and seasonal desserts.  Steiner’s is notorious for their famous meltaways, a type of sugar cookie that many enjoy at the end of their dinner.

“Going to Buttercookery for a pumpkin pie is a great way to give back to local businesses during the holidays, while also continuing my family traditions” said sophomore Grace Carolan. 

  St Honore is always an excellent option for an end of the meal dessert.  Their cakes, cookies, and pies are crowd-pleasers and purchasing them supports a small business in town. 

 Our Port Washington community offers an abundance of Thanksgiving specials from turkey entrées, to pumpkin pie desserts, and all the side dishes to accompany your families Thanksgiving Day table. Nonetheless, buying these Thanksgiving dishes from local stores will support the many businesses that have suffered over the past few years.