Red, Taylor’s Version recently released, sending fans into a frenzy

Ryann Engel, Contributing Writer

For the third time in this past year, Taylor Swift is re-recording one of her past albums.  With thirty tracks, nineteen being rereleased, and eleven “From the Vault,” Red (Taylor’s Version) is expected to be a massive success.  The album was announced on June 21, and was released at midnight on Nov. 12.

Not only is she releasing these songs, but Swift has written, directed, and starred in a short film with actors Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink.  The film is expected to be in a music-video style to the ten-minute version of “All Too Well,” an extended version of the original fan favorite song. 

Many might be wondering why Swift re-record Red and these other albums in the first place.  In 2019, Scott Borchetta, the CEO of Big Machine Records, Swift’s former label, sold Big Machine to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings along with the master recordings of Swift’s first six albums. 

Borchetta, who had been very close friends and colleagues with Swift for a number of years, knew about the ongoing feud between Swift and Braun.  She had originally tried to buy back her masters herself, but decided that the conditions she would have to succumb to were unacceptable. 

By re-recording these albums, thereby creating new master recordings, Swift will now have complete control over the artistic and financial aspects of her work.

 “I think that it’s amazing that she is taking back her music and making it her own again,” said freshman Eva Franchetti. 

This is the second re-recorded album Swift will be releasing.  In April, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was released and skyrocketed to the top of the charts yet again.  Along with the new re-recordings of the songs, Swift also released multiple “from the vault” songs, which had gotten cut from the original album. She is doing this not only to keep fans engaged with new material, but also to give them a reason to listen to the new versions.  Swift says that it has been “more fulfilling and emotional than I could have imagined.”

 Fans are still excited to hear these classics sung with a more mature voice and attitude. 

“I grew up listening to Red all the time and I’m so excited to listen to new versions of my favorite songs!” said freshman Kaitlyn Schechter. 

 Moreover, the ten minute version of the belovedAll Too Well” is much anticipated, along with eight vault songs that feature artists like Ed Sheeran, Phoebe Bridges, and Chris Stapleton. 

Swift still has four albums to which she does not own the masters – Taylor Swift, Speak Now, 1989, and Reputation – and is hoping to get them out as soon as possible.  However, no additional release dates have been announced. 

Taylor is known for leaving “Easter Eggs” or clues as to what she will do next, through her outfits, Instagram posts, and TikToks.  Rumors have been circulating the internet about a possible tour for the summer of 2022, and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) coming this January or maybe even December.  Although nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are hopeful that these songs will be released as soon as possible, so they can help support her.  All Too Well: The Short Film will be released on YouTube and Red (Taylor’s Version) will be available on all streaming platforms starting Nov. 12.