Window Painting


On Dec. 7, several Schreiber clubs gathered together in the cafeteria for the annual window painting tradition that is organized by the Student Council.  This tradition gives the student body and staff alike a way to celebrate the holiday season. 

Student Council Holiday Window Painting has existed…forever?  It’s always been a wonderful start to the holiday season,” said Ms. Foster-Holzer, a Student Council advisor.  Throughout her career at Schreiber Ms. Foster-Holzer has witnessed many generations of students participate in this special tradition.

Window painting at Schreiber has been a long-standing event, happening each year in early December. It offers an opportunity for club members to show their creativity and make the cafeteria a more festive space for the holiday season. Typically, window painting occurs along all the windows in the cafeteria, including those facing the former front entrance.  However, with Schreiber’s construction near the cafeteria, the paintings were relocated.

This year, our plan is for the artwork to be displayed primarily along the back row of windows that faces the Schreiber circle/parking lot,” said Ms. Foster-Holzer.  This new location will still allow students, parents, and staff to view the incredible artwork from the parking lot and from inside the cafeteria.

Past themes have included cartoon characters or television shows like The Flintstones, but this year’s theme is Winter Holidays.  Each club chose to represent that theme differently. Clubs congregated in the cafeteria after school on Wednesday and began painting around 3:15 p.m. 

“The design for the Foreign Language Honor Society was multiple snowmen that incorporated factors from each of the different languages we study at school,” said senior Mikayla Gargani.

 The Portettes painted a Christmas version of Snoopy and Mock Trial created a Christmas-themed scale of justice on a window nearby.  In addition, Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine depicted a fireplace scene with decorations and books and the Debate team drew two festive penguins debating on a snowy day.

“Window painting is pretty cool, especially for people who are artistic and want to express their ideas.  Our painting club drew Kirby and Waddle Dee from Nintendo’s video game series but holiday-themed,” said junior Melissa Li.

The paintings will remain on the windows all through the holiday season, so make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

“I think the holiday window painting is a great Schreiber tradition and allows the club members to spend more time together.  All the paintings make the school a lot more festive,” said freshman Annie Li.

As a freshman, this is Annie’s first year participating in the tradition, while senior Mikayla Gargani is a seasoned pro at window painting.

“Window painting is something that brings everyone together during the holidays every year and allows everyone to celebrate together,” said senior Mikayla Gargani.

This year students can view all types of holiday paintings, from snowmen to cozy fireplace scenes, the window painting has something for everybody.  Since the holidays are all about family giving and coming together this is a perfect way to commemorate the holiday season.