Girls Varsity Basketball

Michael Scott, Contributing Writer

The Girls 21/22 Varsity Basketball season has just begun.  With high hopes for the season, they are looking to pick up where they left off from the last season right admist the pandemic.  

The Lady Vikings had their first game of the season at home on Thursday facing off against Great Neck North.  The new Head Coach, Coach Killoran, was expecting a lot out of the players and is expecting to take the team to new heights this season.  Tip Off was at 7 pm with a crowd accumulating.  Fastforwarding to halftime, the Vikings had set themselves up for success, with a huge 16 point lead.  When the clock hit 0’s in the fourth quarter, the team had pulled off a big win of a score of 39 to 23, they started off their season 1 and 0.  This game set the bar high on what they need to accomplish for the highly anticipated season ahead of them.  When asked about his thoughts on the win, Coach Killoran said, “Anytime you get a win it’s a great thing, I think we have a lot to work on… We have a young group of Sophomores and Juniors. We have a good group of girls and I’m very proud of them.”  Coach Killoran believes the win was a great starting point, but there is always work to be done and improvements to be made. He believes this team can not only continue to win, but also continue to improve. If our Girls Varsity Basketball team continues to improve, the sky’s the limit.  When asked about the team morale after game one, he said “Our team morale is definitely high heading into game two, I think that’s something that we are focusing on right now.” National Championship winning basketball coach Bob Knight believes basketball is “75% mental.” Killoran understands that the right mindset can impact a player’s performance in the game. If this win can carry into the next, this basketball season will not disappoint. 

Throughout the game, there were many ups and downs but the Lady Vikings stayed strong and secured the win.  The starting lineup was Ella Kane, Lily Ventura, Natalie DeMeo, Sailor Engel, and Sydney Frisch.  All of these players demonstrated both skill and teamwork when playing.  Talented seniors may have left for college last year, but the new additions of Sophomores Ella Kane, Sailor Engel, Taylor Schorr and Sienna Fox fill in their spots. Natalie took charge of the game, leading the team in points.  She impressed the fans and players alike with her shooting and dribbling. Natalie’s success helped win a key game for Schrieber.  Although there were some standouts, it was truly a team effort and every player had their contribution.  Next, the Lady Vikings will play Westbury High School at home on Wednesday, December 8th. The home game is followed by the team heading on the road to a neighbor, the Roslyn Bulldogs. 

The Girls Varsity Basketball season has many games to look forward to and will strive to leave a mark by the end of the season, so be sure to make your calendars!  Hopefully, the girls will keep their streak alive and finish at the top of the division!  Even though the Lady Vikings took the win, Great Neck North gave it their all. They put in hard work and effort despite falling short of Schrieber. Both teams were great sports and respected one another. It was a well played game all around, but in the end, the Viking walked away with the victory under their belts.  Hard work, commitment, and teamwork were key components to the game which helped for a huge win. If our Girls Varsity Basketball team continues to play like they did today, they have the potential to go very far may hopefully finish as one of the top teams.