House of Gucci Review


Allison Greilsheimer, Staff Writer

Written in 2006, the long awaited House Of Gucci film has finally been released.  The movie premiered on Nov. 24, starring Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Al Pacino playing Aldo, and Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani.  Fans are extremely excited to see this trio together, with the New York Film Critics Circle naming Lady Gaga best actress of 2021.  Gaga’s performance required a lot of preparation behind-the scenes, requiring her to carefully study Reggiani’s vocal cadence and attitude to make it as authentic as possible. 

 “Lady Gaga is such a talented singer, but I never expected her to be such a great actress,” said junior Olivia Deriu. 

The film was projected to earn $20 million during its first five days in theaters; however, in the first night alone, the movie reeled in a whooping $4.2 million.  As of Dec. 8, the film has grossed $36.3 million just in the United States and Canada alone.  House of Gucci will not be found on streaming platforms, so viewers are advised to rush to their local theaters to see it.  

“I’m so excited to watch it,” said junior Megan Schwartz.

House of Gucci opens in Milan, centering around Maurizio Gucci, a student next in line to inherit half of luxury fashion brand Gucci from his father Rodolfo.  It begins at a masked party, where he meets his future wife, Patrizia.  The film then cuts to Patrizia in the library where Maurizio studies, and the two make plans for a date.  Soon, Maurizio finds himself falling in love, however, his father does not approve of Patrizia.  Rodolfo believes that she is solely after his money, and even threatens to disinherit him.  As Maurizio has no real desire to be part of the family business, he marries Patrizia, choosing her over Gucci.  He begins working at his new wife’s family trucking company.  Then, she announces her pregnancy, using it to make amends and get involved in Maurizio’s family’s company.  Patrizia quickly forms a close relationship with Maurizio’s uncle Aldo, and his son, Paolo, who hold the other half of the Gucci shares. Throughout the movie, viewers watch as Paritzia becomes increasingly deceitful towards her husband, manipulating and lying to him time and time again.  

¨I found it really interesting to watch the progression of Maurizio and Patrizia’s relationship throughout the film and really enjoyed watching as it unfolded,¨ said sophomore Taylor Schorr.

Critics have had mixed reviews on House of Gucci.  Rotten tomatoes scored the film a 66%, with many describing it as overwhelming.  

“I wish that, like the friend I saw it with, I had experienced House of Gucci purely as a Rocky Horror Picture Show-style campfest.  She and the woman next to her seemed to be having so much fun.  But to speak my boring truth, though I did my share of chortling in the screening room, especially at Jared Leto’s prosthetics-laden turn as needy wannabe designer Paolo Gucci (think Chef Boy-Ar-Dee in a bald wig and latex jowls), House of Gucci’s two-hour-and-forty-minute running time, for me, did not fly by on swift wings.  This overstuffed and ungainly film might have made more sense in a six- or eight- hour miniseries format… I cannot say that I personally plan to memorize the riper lines of dialogue and attend midnight screenings with props to throw at the screen,” said reviewer Dana Stevens in an article for Slate

 In contrast, some fans have thought it to be an entertaining watch.  

“I have always loved the brand Gucci, it was so interesting to see the backstory to the company,” said junior Zoe Edelblum.