Creative Media Club comes to Schreiber


Natalie Parker, Staff Writer

As the new year begins, so do new clubs at Schreiber.  The Creative Media Club, which meets on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 19,  seeks to form a pressure-free environment in which students can encourage and support one another’s artistic endeavors in projects not related to school.  These projects span a variety of media and genres, including writing, visual art, and filmmaking, among others.  The club was founded by junior Alison Epstein and is advised by social studies teacher Mr. Gennaro Fontano.

Through the Creative Media Club, members can have a space to dedicate time to honing their skills while simultaneously connecting with their peers.

“I enjoy working with others and I’ve been wanting to try a new club.  I can’t wait to see what it’s like, and I’m sure I’m going to love it,” said junior Caroline Eustace.

Classes rarely give opportunities for truly creative assignments, and even when such assignments do exist, they are graded and exist in a pressured environment.  However, the Creative Media Club offers a relief from those constraints.  One of the key features of the club is its potential to appeal to a wide variety of students with diverse interests and its focus on establishing a creative community.

“The club is going to be a good place for people to share and develop their creativity,” said junior Luke Ficalora, the treasurer of the club.  “I am interested in more of the technical aspects of media, but there is something for everyone.”

Indeed, the idea that “there is something for anyone” is a central aspect of the Creative Media Club, which strives to attract as many motivated and creative minds as possible.  

“[The club] would help students explore different kinds of mediums they never thought to try before, and have loads of fun.  I really loved it when I tried out different kinds of things for projects, so it sounds like a great idea for others to have the same kind of experience,” said freshman Tori von Roeschlaub.

Schreiber does not currently have a club that so broadly encourages artistic experimentation of all kinds, so the Creative Media Club is a novel offering.  Schreiber is no stranger to creatively focused clubs, as the Art Honors Society, Photography Club, Drama Club, and the literary magazine, Kaleidoscope, all prioritize student art.  Now, one new club will attempt to bring all of those art forms together in a student-driven setting, and Schreiber will have one more way to encourage students’ creative talents.