Ed. Foundation raises money through fundraiser with Ikedo Ramen

Since Jan. 1, the Ed. Foundation has been running a fundraiser in collaboration with local restaurant Ikedo Ramen.  This is not the first time that Ikedo Ramen and the Ed. Foundation have partnered together, but this is the first fundraiser in which an entire community of customers have the ability to participate. Any customers can become involved with the Ed. Foundation’s fundraiser, which ultimately aids the Port Washington School District.  The steps are rather simple — all a resident has to do is mention the Ed. Foundation in orders over the phone or when dining in-person at Ikedo Ramen, and the restaurant will then donate proceeds from the order to the non-profit organization.  The fundraiser is meant to provide a way for people all over the Port Washington community to enhance and contribute to the local school systems.  

“Many of the local businesses are kind enough to be involved, and allow us to all feel like a part of the fabric of this town, which goes above and beyond to support its students,” said Ed. Foundation president Mara Silverstein.

Ikedo Ramen offers much more than ramen.  With their variety of appetizers, soups, and other noodle dishes, they have quickly turned into a Port Washington favorite after opening last fall.  Given its location on Port Boulevard, just down the street from Weber and Schreiber, it has become popular among teenagers looking for a snack after a long day of school.  Additionally, many students enjoy stopping by the restaurant to try some of their boba tea.   

“Ikedo Ramen and Mimi Chi, the owner, have been supportive of the Ed. Foundation for quite some time.  In fact, during our “Un-Progressive Dinner” this past fall, they, along with our board member Kim Nauer, hosted a well-attended dinner there decorated for The Ed. Foundation,” said Silverstein.

The proceeds from the collaboration will be used towards future grants, fundraisers, and events for Port Washington schools.  In the past, the Ed. Foundation has raised money to provide Schreiber with many notable projects, such as the Digital Learning Center, the Schreiber TV Studio, and the Slade Performing Arts Center.

In 2001, the Ed. Foundation started out as a group of volunteers wanting to better the Port Washington community.  Since then, the Ed. Foundation has transformed into a non-profit organization that has awarded grants to Port Washington public schools, totaling over $1.5 million.  The Ed. Foundation partners with businesses and residents all across Port Washington and aims to make a difference throughout the town and the school district. 

“I didn’t realize that so many of the resources we use every day in school were funded by the Ed. Foundation — they really do a lot to help our school,” said freshman Alex Miller.

Many of Schreiber’s electives and assemblies are supported by the Ed. Foundation, which furthers its goal of incorporating new and interesting topics into everyday classes.  Additionally, the grants awarded by the Ed. Foundation provide opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

By donating to the fundraiser, anyone can support one of Port Washington’s small businesses while also helping fundraise for grants.