Manorhaven Boulevard Project commences to transform the road


Mikey Capobianco, News Editor

Over the past month, the Manorhaven Boulevard Road Project has been underway in an effort to transform and beautify the street while simultaneously putting more emphasis on traffic safety.  

While the project started recently, the initial idea was created in November 2019, well before the pandemic. The plans began when the Manorhaven Village Hall discussed potential plans at one of their meetings and decided to proceed with the project.  At that point, the project was planned to begin in the fall of 2020, and had a $3.3 million budget. 

However, like many different projects and community investments, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to the plans.  Furthermore, the project faced a delay due to opposition from residents in regard to tree removal which would potentially occur as part of the plan.

On Dec. 6, 2021, Nassau County legislator from District 11, Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Manorhaven with community members, leaders, and other legislators to celebrate the start of the long-awaited Manorhaven Boulevard project. The budget has significantly increased since 2019, as it now stands at $6 million, almost double what it was when the project was just beginning to take shape.

The two main aspects of Manorhaven Boulevard that the project is focused on are aesthetic additions and new changes to the roads to ensure traffic safety. One of the key parts of the project to promote more road safety is the re-paving of the section of Manorhaven Boulevard which is owned by Nassau County — from Shore Road to Kirkwood Road. Sidewalks and curbs made from concrete will all be updated if they need to be fixed, and the project is placing emphasis on gutters in order to improve drainage and prevent flooding during storms, since over the past years, there has been significant flooding throughout Port Washington during large rainstorms.  Lastly, more crosswalks will be added and an ADA-compliant handicap ramp will be placed on every corner on the road that does not already have one.

The project also hopes to bring in more visitors and business from both members of the Manorhaven community and residents of the larger Port Washington area.  Concrete that is brick-stamped will be placed in front of many of the businesses on Manorhaven Boulevard.  

New plants will also be added to the road, and lamp posts which resemble those on Main Street are being installed to give the road a nicer look.  Perhaps the cherry on top for the project is the twelve-foot concrete compass rose, memorial wall, and anchor display to honor the history of sailing in Manorhaven that will be featured on the road.

There has already been some progress made for the project over the past month, and it is expected to be completed by next spring.