SADD holds “Giving Hope” Ukraine fundraiser

Recently, Schreiber’s chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), held a fundraiser to raise money for Ukrainians.  Millions of Ukranians left without homes, jobs, and were forced to leave family members due to Russian bombings and attacks. The members of the club decided on a fundraiser that would provide money to help Ukrainians in a variety of ways.  

 SADD’s main goal is to help students create positive change in their community while also engaging in smart decision making.  

On their website, the leaders of SADD exclaim, “SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills so that young people make positive life decisions that will carry them throughout life.”  

The Schreiber chapter was established over 15 years ago with Ms. Giliof as the advisor, and in the past, the club has organized fundraisers and events for student related problems.  This includes their anti-drunk driving campaign throughout the school in 2020 as well as others in past years.  SADD has tackled issues and topics such as positive body image, anti-vaping, self-harm, and de-stressing techniques.  SADD had primarily focused on issues directly affecting students, but in recent years they have expanded their influence to help people in need. 

 “I have seen the club begin with campaigns around anti-vaping, drugs, and drunk driving. Now these clubs still exist, but we have added campaigns that aim to create a positive and caring school environment,” said senior Dani Seidman.  

This new direction is exhibited by recent fundraising efforts for those whose lives have been shattered by the violence in Ukraine.  For their Ukraine fundraiser, SADD collected donations to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides relief and chef-prepared meals to those in communities impacted by natural disasters or a humanitarian crisis.  The World Central Kitchen has provided food to thousands of people sheltering in Ukraine as well as refugees in Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Spain.

 “At our club meeting last month, we brainstormed ways to help the people suffering in Ukraine in a non-political way and so voted to establish a fundraiser for the World Central Kitchen.  Their organization is on the ground in Ukraine and at the borders providing life-saving nourishment for people dealing with the heartbreak of war.  This organization is highly rated and allowed SADD to establish a direct link for donors.  All proceeds go directly to the people in need.  They have provided hundreds of thousands of hot meals to those fleeing from and those staying in Ukraine,” said club advisor Ms. Giliof.

The meals are cooked in the organization’s relief kitchen in Przemysl, Poland, and through an ever growing network of chefs and volunteers over 200,000 hot meals are being delivered every day.  Additionally, World Central Kitchen makes daily food deliveries into Ukrainian villages and cities.  During the past five weeks, over six million meals have been delivered by volunteers, local partners, and the team at the World Central Kitchen.

Initially, the club set a goal to raise $1,000 but by noon on their first day they had surpassed their initial goal.  The wave of donations and support for the fundraiser was surprising for SADD members. Donations continued at a high rate with SADD eventually receiving nearly $7,000.  

“I was shocked and so happy to see how much money we raised,” said senior Dani Seidman.  

Ultimately, the club hopes to raise $10,000 dollars and appreciates the generosity of everyone who has donated so far.  SADD is extremely grateful to interim principal Mr. Lewis, and Dr. Pollack, had her club the Natural Helpers hand out flyers.

 “At times like these, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges we face, and the speed of each new crisis.  But many complex problems have simple solutions. Sometimes you just need to decide to do something.  Sometimes you just have to show up with a sandwich or some warm rice and beans.  You’d be amazed at the power of a plate of food.  It can change the world, and so can you,” said World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés in a letter for the non-profit’s website.