Bring Back Food Delivery Editorial

The past two years have brought about a series of completely unforeseeable changes to Schreiber. Many of our traditions have been put on hold for important reasons, but our “new normal” of mask-optional seems to be leading us back to our abilities of pre-March 2020.
One prominent aspect to student life at Schreiber was our ability to place food deliveries. While it has always been a rule that only upperclassmen could leave campus, orders from local food venues were allowed and encouraged to the Schreiber circle. For many years, this was a great policy that provided enjoyment to many students. However, this was not COVID-19 approved, so this ability was put on hold indefinitely. Nevertheless, now is a more important time than ever to permit our students to take upon their food preferences in the form of deliveries again.
 First of all, food deliveries allow our students to supply needed support to local businesses. Pre-COVID, delivery cars from Hinks Deli, Schmear, and Aki Sushi could be seen handing off large orders to students all day long. Many great restaurants in Port have had to close over the years due to a lack of business. Allowing students to have lunch food of their choice just one call away makes it so that our current restaurants have even more of a chance to flourish.
Second, allowing food deliveries turns our underclassmen away from the idea of sneaking off campus. This is a rule set in place for good reasoning, as off-campus privileges must be earned. Many underclassmen can be seen trying to get past campus security, just because they want a bagel from Boychiks. Administrators will be better able to keep track of our students if things are being delivered to the school, rather than finding them roaming around Main Street.
Third, food deliveries provide convenience to a student’s day. For the upperclassmen: while taking a walk to a restaurant on Main Street to pick up your food is not a long haul, our lunch periods at Schreiber are only 30 minutes long. Given that the average student only has one of these a day, there is simply not enough time to make a round-trip pickup, while getting the chance to eat, and catching up with their friends as well. The ability to skip the pickup ordeal allows students to truly get the most out of their lunch period – their break period. Additionally, with the current system, upperclassmen have more difficulty getting to class on time, which can negatively affect their performance. Students’ free time tends to be limited, and doing all we can to provide alleviation of that constraint is important.
Overall, bringing back food deliveries is a crucial next step in returning Schreiber to its normalcy. We, as a student body, have proven to be responsible with food deliveries in the past. There is no reason we would not continue to do so, given the opportunity to place orders again. Reinstating the policy of food deliveries will truly provide Schreiber with a multitude of benefits.