College Corner: University of Georgia Student Profile


Keira Gould, Staff Writer

For many seniors, one of the biggest struggles during the application process is deciding which school is best, as there are so many different colleges to consider. One school to consider is the University of Georgia (UGA).  In fact, for students such as Schreiber alumna Maddie Hiller (Class of ‘20), it was the perfect fit. 

UGA is a place that provides opportunities for students to widen their academic horizons, while also having a vibrant student community with school spirit; UGA’s college town, Athens, is ranked as one of the best college towns in the country. 

“I chose UGA mainly because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience a different environment than what I was surrounded by for my whole life in New York. UGA checked off all of my boxes which included warm weather, great academics with a solid balance of school and social life, D1 sports and school spirit–we are the national football champs–and a school that wasn’t close to home but just a plane ride away,” said Hiller. 

Not only is the campus at UGA impressive, but it is also adjacent to downtown Athens, which provides a plethora of restaurants and shops within walking distance.

“One of my favorite things about campus is that people are always outside hanging out, doing work, or walking around wherever you go, especially when the weather is nice. I would say my favorite spot is north campus because it directly borders the town of Athens where there are a bunch of tables in the street, coffee shops, and restaurants that are perfect to meet friends at. Also, this area makes for a great place to sit to get work done instead of always going to the library,” said Hiller. 

Along with being located in the hot spot city of Athens, the University of Georgia is also famous for its sports program. UGA has a relatively unbeatable football team, which is ranked #1 in the nation; their 2021 defense team is ranked the second best of any national title winning team since 2005. Along with football, UGA’s other top ranked sports include gymnastics, tennis, golf, and swimming. 

“Besides UGA winning the 2022 football national championship in January, it is super fun to cheer on the UGA basketball team, gymnastics team, and tennis team. Even sports such as golf and baseball still bring students together and spread school spirit,” said Hiller.

Not only does UGA have sports programs, but they also have so many different student organized clubs and gatherings that advocate for different causes. These clubs give you a chance to socialize with new people, gain skills, and learn about leadership. Involving yourself in clubs can improve your college experience. 

“UGA has endless organizations and clubs to get involved in, and it is always possible to start your own club if it’s not already offered. One of the biggest organizations is UGA Miracle which raises money to donate to children’s healthcare in Atlanta. Other popular clubs include rescue paws, UGA heroes, and Doctors Without Borders,” said Hiller. 

On top of the countless student organizations, UGA is surrounded by many things to do outside during your downtime with friends. Students have the opportunity to go to concerts and street festivals all within a two-mile radius of the Athens campus. 

“There are so many things to do off campus, especially since Athens is the #1 college town according to Barstool. My friends and I love to go on hikes at Lake Herrick which is right next to campus. We also love to explore all of the restaurants and dessert places that Athens has to offer. There are also so many stores including Urban Outfitters and small boutiques to go shopping,” said Hiller.

One thing that some people may not know about UGA is that it is a very historic school. In 1785, it became the first university in America to be created by a state government, becoming a land-grant institution under the Morrill Act. 

“One of the best things about the UGA campus is that it’s designed so that everything is pretty much walkable within twenty to thirtyminutes at most. The buildings on north campus all have a historic type of look, while buildings such as the business school, library, and dorms all have a more modern look to them. Another one of my favorite things unique to UGA is that there are 36 bulldog statues located all around campus and Athens,” said Hiller. 

Although there are so many schools to apply to, the University of Georgia is one to consider if academics, sports, and location are on your list.