New Batman Movie Leaves Viewers Soaring with Excitement


Liana Ching, Contributing Writer

For years, Batman has been characterized as a crime-fighting vigilante, who saves the city from the shadows.  However, it was not always like that.  After all, being a superhero is not as easy as it seems, even for someone with all of the resources like Bruce Wayne.  That is where the newest addition to the franchise centers, detailing Bruce’s struggles early in his career; the movie’s plot centers around gaining the public’s trust, rooting out Gotham City’s corruption, and learning his responsibilities as the city’s protector.  

“I think his biggest weakness is not realizing the extent to which the person that he’s fighting is  himself.  He wants to do something different…  he may think he’s Batman but he’s not quite there yet,” said Director Matt Reeves according to Cortex Videos The Batman has all the elements of the classic coming-of-age trope.  It begins with the idea of a main character struggling to find himself and the search for his true purpose. 

Starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Paul Dano  as Riddler, John Tuturro as Carmine Falcone, and Jeffery Wright as James Gordan, the cast list alone had fans stirred up.  

“Ever since the cast dropped I’ve been awaiting this movie,” said sophomore Taylor Schorr. 

The nearly three-hour-long addition to the franchise has audience members on the edge of their seats.

“Ï really enjoyed The Batman movie. It was much scarier than The Dark Knight which made it exciting,” said senior Rachel Nissan. 

Perhaps the most interesting character in the film is the most unexpected. The Riddler, the villain in the film, quickly gained praise for his eerie and convincing, yet intriguing acting.   Drawing inspiration from the notorious “Zodiac Killer,” The Riddler leaves inconspicuous, coded messages inscribed on his victims.  Moreover, his puzzles highlight Wayne’s detective skills, which had not been highlighted in previous films. 

Dano’s character, as well as Kravitz´s, have also received laureates for their emphasis on the topic of corruption, as well as how dangerous power can be when wielded as a tool. 

In addition, long-time fans had been highly anticipating Robert Pattinson’s debut in the iconic black suit.  The famous costume includes the Bat insignia on his chest, which doubles as a knife, projectiles lined along his wrists, which can function as mini missiles, and his multi-purpose belt garnished with many useful gadgets.  A pair of heavy shoulder pads, a breastplate, and ab armor completes the new suit, which shares similarities to the costume worn by Christian Bale.  Pattinson’s Batman utilizes his suit’s mechanisms, as well as the Bat Mobile,  when fighting the Penguin, played by Colin Farrel, who does a lot of damage using his guns and skilled, paid henchmen for support. 

Speaking of fighting scenes, Director Matt Reeves stated that all of Pattinson’s action stunts had been completed authentically, without CGI. 

“ I want you to be in an emotional reality where you say god if I was in that position would I do those things?̈” said Reeves in a interview with radio host Sean Fennessy on his channel ¨the Ringer¨

Reeves wants his audience to feel extremely immersed in the story and to truly experience the story from Wayne’s point of view.  Luckily for him, Pattinson is no stranger to dramatic performances, and he fantastically captures the emotional dilemmas Bruce Wayne faces. Through his performance, viewers are able to understand his pain and truly connect with him on a personal level like Reeves intended.  

“I wasn’t a huge fan of  The Batman movie because of how long it was but I did really like seeing Robert Pattinson. He was great in the movie and is one of my favorite actors,” said senior Talya Pecullan.  

The Batman is definitely a treat both for long-time fans and movie goers alike, providing an invigorating cinematic experience.