Students should be allowed to miss AP classes for music sectionals

Students should be allowed to miss AP classes for music sectionals

Ellie Hattem, Contributing Writer

Whether in band, orchestra, or chorus, all members of musical groups at Schreiber are required to go to sectionals.  While there has been some debate on the topic of missing AP classes for music sectionals, students should continue to be allowed to miss an AP class to attend their sectional.  

AP, or advanced placement classes, are offered at an accelerated pace compared to other high school courses. According to the National Society of High School Scholars, these classes are developed by College Board to give high school students a foundation to college level study and obtain college credit prior to high school graduation. 

AP classes introduce students to a new way of learning that is more in-depth and faster paced than some of the grade level courses.  AP classes boost students’ GPAs and can strengthen one’s college application as well.  Furthermore, they increase students’ likelihood to get into a top college, while also preparing them for college classes.  Although AP classes cover in depth information that can be difficult to make up in a short amount of time, students should still be excused from them in order to attend their sectionals. 

Sectionals are small group music lessons that take place four times throughout the quarter.  All music students are required to go to these lessons, even if it means that they have to miss one of their other classes for an hour.  

Sectionals are beneficial for music students because it gives them the chance to practice their songs for concerts and improve their skills.  Practicing, especially a musical instrument, helps to maintain muscle memory to be able to memorize notes in the correct sequence and tempo.  

“Sectionals are important to learning the pieces we end up performing.  Missing AP classes for them is fine because you can just make up the work or get notes from friends,” said junior Kevin Reyes.

Schreiber students who decide to take an AP class and a music course are aware of the responsibility they have for the work and information from the class they missed due to attending a sectional.  Although musical sectionals only occur 16 times the entire school year, it is still important for students to be responsible, and know that they are obligated to complete all missing work and learn the information that was taught that day on their own time.

“Not allowing students to attend sectionals during AP classes would hinder students’ abilities to succeed in their respective music classes,” said senior Diana Jiminez. This is not worth it when students can simply make up their missed work.

Another reason why students should be allowed to miss AP classes to go to sectionals is because all music groups are a team.  As the common saying goes, ‘when one goes down we all go down,’ which proves the importance of teamwork in a group.  Band, chorus, and orchestra are all made up of extremely talented musicians who all have a passion for performance and expressing their talent for others in the community.  

It wouldn’t be fair to the ensemble if one person missed a sectional to go to an AP class and fell behind in learning their music.  Falling behind in learning the music pushes everything back.  That student would have to stay up later on their musical homework, on top of all the other homework that they have from other classes. 

“It wouldn’t be fair for one person to ruin the entire piece because the whole group worked so hard to perfect it,” said freshman Olivia Gade. 

Therefore, students should continue to be excused from their AP classes to attend a sectional.  Although a great deal of work is covered during an AP class, sectionals only meet 16 times throughout the entire year.  Sectionals are crucial for students involved with band, orchestra, or chorus to build more skills.