College Corner: Wisconsin


Keira Gould, Contributing Writer

For many seniors, one of the biggest struggles during the college application process is deciding which school is the best fit, as there are so many unique features about each school.  One school to consider is the University of Wisconsin–Madison.  In fact, for students such as Schreiber alum Shiv Chatrath (Class of ‘21), it was the perfect fit. 

The University of Wisconsin is a huge school that combines amazing academics with a bustling social scene.  Located in the heart of Madison, the University of Wisconsin provides great opportunities for students to make new friends in an atmosphere of collective determination and opportunity.  At UW, you can study almost any major, join clubs and organizations you couldn’t have ever even imagined at Schreiber, and enjoy the lakeside campus that appeals to so many teenagers.

“After visiting, I loved the overall vibe of the city and campus.  The people were very nice and there was a good balance between a nice college campus and an exciting city.  Usually, you can only get one or the other, which is why Wisconsin is so awesome,” said Chatrath.  

One of the main reasons students love Wisconsin so much is because although over 42,000 students attend the school, it’s a very tight-knit community.  There are a plethora of student-centered areas and buildings around campus including recreational facilities, student unions, student centers, restaurants, shops, and more.

“My favorite thing to do on campus is go to the union because it has a good view of the lake.  Outside, there are lots of great places to sit and study, and also tons of docks where you can go swimming.  There is also an indoor part of the union which features more study spots and a very tasty ice cream shop which is highly praised by the Wisconsin student body,” said Chatrath. 

Another thing that makes Wisconsin so popular is sports—in Madison, game days are a whole day affair.  The school pride and spirit is completely unparalleled on game days because the entire state loves and supports the Wisconsin Badgers.  The city is flooded with red attire and everyone’s moods are always at a high.  The Badgers also have a huge rivalry with the nearby Michigan Wolverines, and people come from all over the country to watch the football game between the Badgers and the Wolverines.

“It’s always very fun to go to football and basketball games with friends. They get very intense and exciting and it’s a great way to spend time with your friends while also supporting our school,” said Chatrath. 

On top of coming together with your friends for sports games, there are also many clubs that the students at Wisconsin join to meet new people and spend time with peers.  The clubs at UW are endless, which is why you can never really feel alone and the school feels a lot smaller than it is.  Greek life institutions are very popular at Wisconsin, and this is often where many students find their people.  Another reason why making friends at Wisconsin is a guarantee is because of the size of the student body—there are definitely people just like you.

“There are so many clubs here at Wisconsin that I can’t even attempt to list them all.  Personally, I am a part of the sports business club and have also joined Greek life.  Both have not only allowed me to help my community but have also guided me to meeting new, amazing people,” said Chatrath. 

As good as the on-campus activities at Wisconsin are for student engagement, the off-campus opportunities are just as spectacular.  Off-campus sports fields and athletic facilities give students the opportunity to relax and take their minds off of their school work while playing leisurely sports games and staying active.

“Off campus, there are lots of areas to hang out with friends and play sports.  There are also good turf fields and a very good recreation center, which is an awesome place to go play basketball and use the gym,” said Chatrath. 

The diversity of the architecture and design of Wisconsin’s campus is also what makes the school so appealing to students.  The combination of old and new buildings makes it easy to find something of your taste at the school.  The variety of building designs highlight Wisconsin’s love for its prosperous student community and the campus’ development over time. 

“Wisconsin has a great combination of modern buildings and older ones.  The business school is newly built and is another awesome study spot for everyone filled with advanced technology,” said Chatrath. 

Although there are so many schools to apply to, the University of Wisconsin–Madison is one to consider if school atmosphere, love, pride, and community are on your list.