Harry Styles impacts fans with “Love on Tour”

For fifteen nights in late summer, Harry Styles transformed Madison Square Garden into Harry’s House.

Harry Styles started his career on The X Factor, which would eventually lead to him becoming part of the famous boy band, One Direction.  The band was a huge success but caused disappointment from fans worldwide when they announced they would be taking a hiatus in 2015.  Since then, Styles has released solo music, including his album Harry Styles released in 2017, Fine Line released in 2019, and Harry’s House released in May 2022.  His latest tour sold out almost instantly, with people yearning for the chance to hear Styles sing his newest album live.

Styles opened his Sep. 2 concert with “Daydreaming,” an upbeat song that gotthe crowd roaring.  “Golden” wa snext on the track list, featuring Styles playing his guitar, followed by “Adore You.”  Both can be found in his “Fine Line” album.  On the practically empty stage, with just a few drums and keyboards, Styles returned to the Harry’s House album, performing “Daylight,” “Keep Driving,” “Matilda,” and “Little Freak.”  Taking advantage of the connecting catwalks, Styles sang“Satellite,” “Cinema,” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” directly to the fans.  The 20,000 fans in attendance chanted to “Treat People with Kindness,” danced to “What Makes You Beautiful” (a throwback One Direction song), sang to “Late Night Talking,” screamed to “Watermelon Sugar,” and cried to “Love of My Life.”

“I went to Harry’s concert on Sep. 2, and “Love of My Life” is by far one of the best songs on the album.  Hearing it performed live with every fan screaming ‘you were the love of my life’ to Harry is an unforgettable experience,” said senior Olivia Doyle. 

 The audience and Styles echo each other’s energies, with Styles doing high kicks, punches, and stomping on stage, while the fans shake the floor.  Other favorites that are performed include “Sign of the Times,” “Medicine,” “As It Was,” and “Kiwi.” 

Coincidentally, Harry Styles’ last name being Styles is extremely fitting, as he is known for his great fashion sense.  Harry has teamed up with clothing brand Gucci and celebrity stylist Harry Lambert to come up with creative outfits for his many performances at Madison Square Garden.  While his outfits ranged from stripes and polka dots, to denim and sparkles, Harry wore the Adidas x Gucci Gazelles sneakers every night.  Worn in red, burgundy, and pink, these simple looking shoes tied every one of his outfits together. 

“One of the best parts about going to a Harry Styles concert is seeing what fun new outfit he’s going to wear.  At one of my concerts, he wore a denim vest with a sequin cherry on the back and matching jeans with stars, and it was by far my favorite outfit of the Madison Square Garden shows,” said senior Megan Schwartz. 

The audience, on the other hand, is seen mostly wearing feather boas, Styles’s signature accessory.  Styles was seen rocking the boa at the 2021 Grammys, inspiring fans to the point that after Harry’s shows, Penn Station is reported to be littered with feather remains.  Because of this, it has been difficult to find boas in stock at stores like Michael’s in the city. 

“I’d been planning my outfit for weeks — Party City was completely sold out for two weeks.  Amazon’s feather boas were either back-ordered until Thanksgiving or more than $25 for a cheap, ugly boa,” said sophomore Kerri Elliott.

Even celebrities in attendance have had trouble finding the popular accessory.  A video on Twitter shows Stranger Things stars Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown asking to borrow another Harry fan’s boa.  Other celebrities that came to Madison Square Garden for Love on Tour include Joe Jonas, Olivia Holt, and Sabrina Carpenter. 

“I was a fan of One Direction when I was younger, and I continued to keep up with Harry’s songs.  I’ve been to a lot of concerts because I love how he makes me comfortable in my own skin.  When I’m at the concerts, I don’t feel judged.  I feel I can express who I really am,”said senior Natalia Curmi.