Schreiber student Sabrina Grossman publishes novel

Schreiber’s very own junior Sabrina Grossman has recently written and published a book titled The Prisoner of Cell 47.  The book centers around a 14-year-old named Alavis Hansen, who was locked up five years ago along with other prisoners for possessing magical powers.  When Alavis finds out her younger sister was taken from the prison to an unknown location, she sets out on a journey to find her with the help of a few friends.  However, things take a turn for the worst when Alavis and her group make a shocking discovery that will change their lives forever. 

Grossman has always loved reading and writing since she was little, and wrote many short stories in elementary school and beyond.  In third grade, Grossman held a small book signing event in her backyard for a short book she wrote.  Fantasy novels have always been her favorite, and Grossman’s inspiration for The Prisoner of Cell 47 came from the books she’s read. 

“I love reading the kind of books where you fall in love with the world and the characters, and I wanted to create something like that.  I think a good story is one where the characters, plot, and world are so engaging and vivid that the reader falls into the story and feels like they are in the world which the writer has created,” said junior Sabrina Grossman. 

Grossman’s friends and family were all very supportive of her idea of publishing a novel.  She began brainstorming the plot and characters and wanted to create a story with exciting elements.  Grossman believes that characters with arcs and well-developed personalities are  important components of writing a story. 

During the writing process, Grossman encountered a few obstacles.  She started writing her book during the quarantine in June 2020 and worked on it Fridays after school.  Revisions weren’t always easy, since it was difficult for Grossman to decide if she wanted to change certain elements or leave them as they were.  Adding more to a setting or description in a scene was also sometimes challenging.  Nevertheless, the story was finalized after a year of writing and sent to publishing.  Grossman worked with a non-profit organization known as the Society of Young Inklings (SYI) throughout the revising and publishing process.  She had a mentor with whom she worked with for about six months, and the book was ultimately released on June 26, 2022. 

“I learned from this experience that hard work pays off, and I also learned that when it comes to writing, revising is really important.  While revisions might not be my favorite part of the process, they are incredibly important in making sure things make sense and the story is the best it can be,” said junior Sabrina Grossman.

Aside from writing, Grossman is also involved in many other activities and hobbies.  As an active member of the Schreiber’s Drama Club, she participates in Schreiber’s musicals and plays and will star in the upcoming production, The Giver.  Grossman also plays soccer and takes singing lessons outside of school. 

After the publication of her book, Grossman received an overwhelming response from family, friends, and other readers.  Besides close family and friends, many different people in town, friends of family members, friends of her sister at college, supported her book.  This surpassed Grossman’s expectations, and she even held a book signing event in Port Washington at Dolphin Bookstore.  Grossman hopes to publish another book in the future, and at the moment, she’s working on a new idea for a novel. 

“My advice to aspiring young writers would be to work hard, never give up, and never think you are too young or need to wait until adulthood to publish your work,” said junior Sabrina Grossman.