Governor Hochul Invests $10 Million for Medical Research

As many New Yorkers continue to struggle with disease and illness daily, Governor Kathy Hochul made an announcement on Sep. 27 that about $10 million would be allocated for Manhasset’s Feinstein Institute of Medical Research, which was awarded by the Long Island Investment Fund.  The Institute hosts one of the crucial research centers for Northwell Health and is one of the leading research centers in the country.

Aside from the money awarded, an additional $30 million will be used to build ten new labs for Northwell Health, which will be included in the Institute of Bioelectric Medicine.  Bioelectric medicine focuses on electric signaling within the nervous system.  This electric signaling monitors the nervous system and can record, stimulate, or block neural signals from impacting molecular activities.  This investment comes as part of an $85 million effort to renovate another 2,000 square feet of active labs at the Manhasset complex.  Part of the grant will be allocated to commercialize research in cancer and autoimmune and neurological diseases. 

The money used for the project is part of Governor Hochul’s $350 million Long Island Investment Fund.  Besides funding for medical research, some of the money was allocated to increasing school aid, lowering property taxes, combating addiction and mental health crises, repaving state highways, and completing the Long Island Railroad’s third track.  Furthermore, there will be nearly 70 new high-wage jobs, and $50 million will be used for life science business capitalism on Long Island.  Statewide, $620 million is used for such a purpose.

Medical research will not be completed by locals, but rather, doctors and scientists from around the world who are being recruited to assist. The $30 million will used to build the new labs, and provide benefits for the foreign researchers and their families.

“In my opinion, getting doctors from other medically advanced countries would allow for the sharing of experience and different ideas,” said sophomore Ryan Choe.

Through this investment and the research it will inspire, many New Yorkers will be affected.  New York currently ranks 31st in the best states for medical research.  While it will take more than one endeavor to raise New York’s rankings, Hochul’s investment is a first step in the direction towards ensuring that everyone can live fulfilling lives.  Hochul mentioned that an example of advanced medical research is researching possibilities to allow the decapacitated to regain the ability to walk.  Additionally, research into cancer allows for more treatment options for patients.  

“Medical research presents such exciting possibilities. With the investment, medical workers can achieve things we never thought possible,” said sophomore Isabel Epstein.

During the announcement, Gov. Hochul thanked those on the frontlines for their contributions in the advancement of medicine, as well as Dr. Michael Dowling, CEO of