Fall activities take Port Washington by Storm

Fall is quite a special time of the year.  The leaves fall as winter looms, apple orchards thrive as millions flock to pick apples, and fashion changes to adapt to the weather, making for unique outfits.  Port Washington is no exception to the magic of fall, as many activities take place to spread fall’s beauty.  From fairs to Halloween festivities, fall is an  eventful time in the local area.

One of the events happening this fall is the Gold Coast International Film and Arts festival taking place from Oct. 10-25  at Manhasset Cinemas.  This festival will offer a range of films for attendees to enjoy, from indie films to comedy. 

“I have always liked watching movies with friends and family, and I definitely plan on attending the festival,” said junior Harrison Tsouratakis.

Another event which took place in the fall was the annual Colonial Fest at the Colonial Society of Port Washington House on Oct 12, during which  people explored the original culture of Port Washington under British rule.  Fresh honey was made at the fair, along with newly knit clothes.  The food was delicious, with the sold-out mac and cheese being the biggest hit.  There was even a petting zoo and pony rides for younger audiences.  Admission was free.

“The fair was quite the experience.  I never knew about Port Washington’s colonial history with the British, so it was really nice to learn some new information about our town,” said junior Lauren Young.

Traveling past the Port Washington area, there are many other fall activities to try.  One activity is a classic: apple picking.  Many say that fall is incomplete without a day spent at the orchard picking apples and drinking cider.  There are many orchards around Long Island to pick apples, but most are in Suffolk County  The town of Jamesport has anorchard to pick red delicious or Fuji apples, which can be either eaten right away or saved to make apple pie or other fall desserts and delicacies.  Many of the apples from the orchard are turned into apple cider, which is a must-have fall drink, or apple cider donuts, which are very popular during the fall season.

“Apple picking is one of my favorite activities of the year.  I look forward to going with my friends and family every fall, and I always have so much fun while picking,” said junior Ava Lucarelli.

Finally, fall is not complete without the king of fall activities — pumpkin picking.  Pumpkin picking is a beloved activity by children, who enjoy jumping on the haystacks while their parents pick pumpkins to leave outside the house for Halloween.  This activity provides many memories, and the pumpkins can be used for a variety of things.  Pumpkin pie is a very common dessert cooked throughout fall, as many use the large amount of pumpkins available to their advantage.  Pumpkin drinks are also common, with many coffee brands capitalizing on pumpkin flavor.  Some places to pick pumpkins are F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm in Melville and Elwood Pumpkin Farm in Huntington.