October: Good News

With all of the chaos in today’s world, we sometimes forget that there is a lot of good news shadowed by all of the bad news that social media forces upon us. This article Good News will focus on good things happening in the world whether it is local, national, or even global and remind us that there is also a ton of good spreading rapidly in our world.

One piece of good news centers around New York’s football teams. Whether you are a Giants or Jets fan, there is no way you aren’t happy with your team’s start to the season. “I’m really happy with how the Giants have started out their season. They are truly exceeding expectations. I hope our team can keep it up and potentially make a playoff push” said sophomore Ryan Baxter, who is a lifelong Giants fan. Even though the Giants and Jets were projected to win very few games, they are a perfect example of how under dogs can triumph no matter what. With good coaching, communication, and chemistry a team can go far even if they lack highly skilled players.

Hurricane Ian has had an everlasting impact on many Floridian towns, one unique community remained untouched. Babcock Ranch, Florida was able to withstand the category four natural disaster without a scratch. The streets are smartly designed to absorb flood waters and spare the houses. “I think it is really cool that this town was well prepared for this hurricane. A lot of other towns could definitely learn from this and together we can try to prevent hurricanes from doing catastrophic damage as a whole” said highly intelligent sophomore Robert Higgins. Robert brings up a great point that other towns should be taking notes on Babcock Ranch and their ability to block a category four hurricane from destroying their community. 

With pollution increasing in today’s world, it is hard to find people who dedicate their lives to cleaning up trash. In Indonesia, small-time fishermen are being paid as part-time ocean cleanup crews, as the archipelago seeks to tidy their seas and raise awareness among stakeholders at the same time. “It’s really cool that these people are getting paid for cleaning up the shore. Pollution has become a terrible issue in the world and if every shore did something like this the world would be a much better place” said sophomore Mac Bailly. Every piece of trash that is taken away to be recycled or deposited in a landfill means there is one less dangerous item for birds, turtles or whales to swallow. By cleaning up trash, you are making the world a better place by protecting wildlife and making the ocean water purer.

A cat that sneaked into a school gets its photo taken on picture day and is found by his owner a couple of towns away. “It’s awesome how lucky people are sometimes. This owner probably was freaking out that they would never see their cat again. It’s things like this that make life worth a while” said sophomore Jayden Doshi. It always pays off to never give up because a spree of luck can change your life. It’s funny how life can produce unimaginable results which generally we think are bad, but we have to remind ourselves that we are just as lucky as we are unlucky. 

In Wisconsin Lake, an ancient three thousand year old canoe was discovered from a single piece of oak. The dugout canoe is carved from a single piece of white oak and measures approximately 14.5 feet in length. By preserving the canoe, the people honor those that came before them. “By discovering this canoe, the people are seeing a piece of technology from three thousand years ago. It must be really cool to see how that canoe differs from canoes today. I wonder exactly how much slower our boat would be if we tried to use one from three thousand years ago” said Varsity rowing athlete Harry Gindi. You never know what you can find when going out on the ocean or just a random lake in Wisconsin. By finding this canoe, there is invaluable information unlocked and educational possibilities to explore the cultural, technological, and stylistic characteristics of a canoe from thousands of years ago.

There is a lot of bad news over social media, but it is key to remember the good outweighs the bad. Although you might not see it, there is still plenty of good news not just locally, but all around the world.