Should Schreiber invest more in AC and heating in the building?

Most of Schreiber’s classrooms become extremely hot in the summer and springtime, and are conversely quite frigid in the winter.  It is essential that Schreiber cares about their students’ welfare inside the building, which is why the school should consider investing more in air conditioning and heating. 

“If the classroom is very hot or extremely cold, it would be very difficult to concentrate on the classwork as I would be much more worried about the temperature,” said sophomore Harry Gindi. 

Many students complain that there is very little, if any, AC during hot days and not enough heating during cold days.  Without AC and heating to keep the classrooms at a comfortable temperature, many students have difficulty focusing in class.  

When you’re in an environment that’s hot or cold, maintaining homeostasis becomes your mind and body’s priority, making it harder to concentrate on schoolwork,” said the website of SiteLogicQ, an energy company.

When in school, it is important that students are in an environment that provides the best circumstances for them to be focused and attentive. Creating this kind of environment should be a top priority when it comes to what Schreiber is investing in.

“You never know what you’re going to encounter when you walk into a classroom. I can go from classrooms that are across the hall from each other and the temperature will be completely different. Students would be much more comfortable if there is better climate control,” said junior Averie Masia.

AC and heating has also been proven to decrease allergies and remove toxic pollutants from the air.  Failure to invest in AC and heating will damage the environment within the building, and the buildup of toxic pollutants can cause students to become sick. 

“Money should be spent toward AC and heating because this will allow students to be in their optimal learning environment.  This diminishes the amount of complaints and excuses students can make, thus increasing academic performance,” said junior Jai Dhillon. 

So, again, an optimal learning environment is very important for students, and Schreiber should take that into account when choosing what to invest their money in. 

“Extreme summer heat can make students feel tired and sluggish, impacting their productivity and reducing focus time.  In addition, high temperature combined with humidity can trigger allergy symptoms or aggravate other health-related issues,” said the website of Cielo, an air conditioning company.

Only about one third of all public schools in the country reportedly took steps to replace or upgrade their heating and cooling systems. This is a huge subject regarding the welfare of our schools and needs to be taken more seriously. On the other hand, schools around New York planned to spend around $7 million on building renovations which included heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is good that some schools have taken notice of the situation and decided to act on it. Now it is time for Schreiber to do the same. 

“It is frustrating that many schools are taking the initiative to upgrade their heating and ventilation systems while Schreiber isn’t. Hopefully, Schreiber realizes this problem and they decide to fix it as soon as possible,” said sophomore Andrew Swenson. 

Schreiber has made some mistakes in the past when it comes to investing in specific products.  During the 2020-2021 school year, Schreiber wasted a ton of money on plastic shields for desks, only for them to be removed less than a month later.  Spending money on AC and heating would please every student as it will be beneficial to us all. 

“I remember I was very annoyed when I heard about Schreiber wasting a huge amount of money on the plastic shields.  If Schreiber spent their money wisely on things such as AC or heating, it would be very helpful to not only the students but also to the teachers and staff as well,” said junior Nicholas Bienenstein. 

As the winter season is approaching and the temperatures are drastically dropping, Schreiber should think wisely about their next expenditure and hopefully it will be used for AC and heating.  This would be a sigh of relief to all the students as they would have one less thing to worry about.  This would also be a great success that can be enjoyed by the teachers and staff as well because happy students equals a healthy school environment.