New York Baseball Teams Collapse in Playoffs

Throughout the entire 2022 MLB regular season, both the Mets and Yankees were unstoppable.  For the first half of the season, the Yankees had the best record in all of baseball and were on pace to beat the MLB record for most wins in a season.  Their crosstown rivals did not see the same success to that degree, but still were a comfortable 10.5 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves.  However, both the Mets and Yankees, who were each considered to be major World Series contenders, fell short of the finish line.  

“The Mets and Yankees were good teams and when they needed to win against good teams, they won those games, but I think that the major flaw both teams had was losses to teams that were not contenders and weren’t all that good.  In the end, that’s what truly hurt them,” said sophomore Jake Chakrian.  

Throughout the season, especially in the second half, the Mets and Yankees both lost to teams considered drastically worse than them.  For example, the Mets were swept in a 4-game series against the Chicago Cubs in September.  Even with all of their best pitchers available, such as Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer, the Mets could not defeat the mediocre team.  The same could be said again about the Yankees, who also got swept by the Orioles in a later series.  

“Even the nastiest man alive, Nestor Cortes, was not living up to his potential in that series.  Something about him felt off.  Although his lackluster performance could be in part due to the offense not producing the results that they should have been.  All together it was just bad in every way,” said sophomore Dylan Saunders.  

It was indeed true that the offense for both teams was lackluster in most games.  Both teams tended to go on stretches of games with one or fewer runs, then explode with a seven-run game after that.  This would be a trend that would lead to the downfall of both teams.  

The Mets, after being swept by the Braves, were put into the wildcard round as a number four seeded team against the star packed San Diego Padres.  Apart from a 7-3 victory in the second game, both the first and third game had the Mets score one run or less.  This was not helped by Max Scherzer and Chris Bassit, who both accumulated over 13 earned runs in the first and third games.  

Similarly, the Yankees had a very close series victory over the Cleveland Guardians but were then swept by the Houston Astros in four games in the ALCS.  In most of these games, the same problem of not scoring enough runs and inconsistent pitching plagued the team.  

“As we look into the future of these two teams for next season it seems very bright.  The Mets have a chance of signing great free agents like Aaron Judge and retaining star players like Jacob deGrom.  The Yankees, on the other hand, have other good players coming through the minors which could help boost their chances of being in playoff contention next year.  It seems that the Mets have a better shot due to the funds Steve Cohen has pumped into the team.  He has no fear of going over the salary tax threshold and I think that will help out the Mets next season, and in the coming seasons,” said sophomore Jacob Spence.  

It is indeed true that the Mets money can help them have an advantage over other teams to sign big name players like Aaron Judge and Trea Turner.  The Yankees, although they might not have as much financial power, do have the power of their elite farm system, with top prospects, such as Anthony Volpe, coming through the system who are projected to make it to the majors next year.  

In the end, baseball is not dying in New York and the future is bright for both the Mets and Yankees, but only time will tell if these teams can bring home a championship to the Big Apple.  All New York baseball fans can hope for is the best going forward into 2023.