The Schreiber Times

Staff 2020-2021

Dear Staff,

We are excited to announce the masthead for the 2020-2021 school year!  More than ever, now is the time to use every facet of the paper, both print and digital, to publish meaningful content and keep the student body informed.  We are confident that this group will go the extra mile to meet the needs of the Schreiber community during these unique times. 

Congratulations and best of luck!

Noah, Rebecca, Ms. Cotter, and Ms. Zarkh



Jacob Gottesman 

Emily Milgrim 


Managing Editor

Aphrodite Dimopoulos 


Copy Editors

Amber Kakkar 

Aidan Spizz


Centerfold Editor 

Noah Loewy 


Web/Media Editors

Zack Siegel

Asst. Avery Silfin

Asst. Kevin Taylor



Asher Charno

Asst. Mikey Capobianco 



Abraham Franchetti 

Daniel Greilsheimer

Asst. Sam Rothenberg 



Lucy Barr

Asst. Abigail Kapoor

Asst. Ashley Cohen



Frankie Ader 

Zach Lustbader

Asst. Ili Pecullan



Josh Rosen 

Asst. Lucas Milgrim 

Asst. David Silverstein



Samwell Nachimson 



Natalie Smith


Staff Assistants

Peter Dimopoulos

Abbie Garfin 

Isabelle Kitay 

Ellie Ross