Students seek satisfying summers both locally and abroad

As AP exams are winding down, the weather is getting warmer, and seniors are becoming more difficult to see around, it is becoming increasingly clear that summer is near. Students are antsy and eager to leave class and walk down Campus Drive for a refreshing frozen yogurt or ice cream cone. Mel’s Ice Cream truck is parked on Bogart, teeming with Schreiber and Weber kids on their way home.

Teachers and students alike can kick back and enjoy the sun without worrying about school work for two whole glorious months. Other than the summer reading, which, let’s face it, everybody finishes the night before school starts, summer break should definitely be stress free. If you have yet to make your plans for the summer, here are some ideas to get you started.

Traveling abroad seems to be a popular activity for the 2012 summer, as is getting a job. Like many other students, junior Carly Grieco is planning to participate in a study abroad program in Rome. The program, which is run by Brown University, offers a wide array of classes ranging from language to history. Through studying abroad Carly plans on improving her Italian, which she has been learning since middle school, in addition to enrolling in culture and civilization classes. Despite an already jam-packed schedule Carly also decided to take part in a summer writing program at Choate Boarding School in Connecticut.

Other juniors including Michael Gilmore, Leif Firland-Schill, and Justin Armalla are heading to Europe to sightsee Barcelona, Rome, and Denmark over the course of two weeks while staying in youth hostels.

Adding to the list of exciting plans this summer, junior Niha Azam is set to participate in a three week exchange program. Accordingly, Niha will be living with a native Costa Rican family, allotting her the opportunity to learn about the culture and how to speak Spanish. The trip and location will also allow Niha to surf, explore a new country, and complete 50 hours of community service.

Summer 2012 will not be fun and games for everyone, however. After graduation, unlike most of his peers, senior David White will ship off to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina. In South Carolina, David will spend three months of basic training for the US Marine Corps. Through the training, David will learn to be a basic marine and train to be a marksman with the M16 service rifle.

“The day I leave can’t come sooner! The start to my military career is weeks ahead of me,” said White.

Seniors David Khorassani and Anton Vlahek are set to relax a little bit before heading off to college in the fall. Khorassani plans on remaining in Port Washington for the summer and is still on the hunt for the perfect summer job. Anton, on the other hand, can be added to the list of students who decided to travel. His plans include vacationing in Croatia for part of the summer.

Gilmore and junior Matias Franco are both working at Manorhaven Pool as lifeguards, junior Gina Perez will also be working locally at Ralph’s Italian Ices, and junior Kayla Conway is excited to work at the nearby Pierce Camp in Roslyn.

Although traveling abroad and working a job may seem tiresome, students should not feel limited to these ideas. In fact, an important plan is to get a well-deserved and relaxing summer after a hectic school year.