The Schreiber Times

Staff 2022-2023

Dear Staff,

Congratulations, everyone! Over the past few days, we have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with all of you. We were very impressed with your applications and dedication to the paper. Thanks to the efforts of the 2021-22 staff, we were able to revive and rebuild The Schreiber Times, carrying on a decades-long tradition. We were so grateful to have you all contributing to these efforts. To the seniors, thank you for your continued dedication and all the memories we shared over the past four years. We wish you luck on your journeys! We have dreamed of being Editors-In-Chief for so long and you have made this year so special.  To the new staff, we hope you have as rewarding and enjoyable an experience as we did.

We cannot wait to watch you thrive – best of luck!

Asher, Amber, Ms. Cotter, and Ms. Zarkh



Mikey Capobianco

Lucas Milgrim


Managing Editor

Talia Sinclair


Copy Editors

Ellie Ross

David Silverstein


Centerfold Editor

Sam Rothenberg


News Editors

Sam Capuano

Brynn Danow

Asst. James Chondrogiannis

Asst. Hannah Rosenberg 


Opinions Editors

Sabrina Grossman

Ian Laurence  

Asst. Liam Regan


Features Editors 

Julia O’Sullivan

Mikayla Schwartz

Asst. Annie Li 

Asst. Jake Schachter


A&E Editors

Ryann Engel 

Montana Moon

Asst. Ruby Ader

Asst. Devin Spizz


Sports Editors 

Dylan Epstein

Sammy Kassan

Asst. Brian Barr

Asst. Acki Kitay


Photo Editor 

Samantha Friedler


Web Editors

Helena Franchetti

Ezra Loewy


Media & Publicity Editors 

Eva Franchetti 

Ethan Rotko 


Staff Assistants

Spencer Cohen 

Ellie Hattem 

Michael Scott