Retirement Letter: Dr. Haring

Dear Dr. Haring,

You have been such an incredible teacher. It is difficult to explain how much you have influenced your students’ lives. You have not only been a great teacher, but also a great mentor, club advisor and role model. Your approach to teaching goes far beyond your Power Point presentations and has pushed each student to strive to do their best. Your dedication and commitment is extremely admirable and inspirational.

You have made your classes fun and enjoyable. By awarding honey to the student with the highest grade, you motivated everyone in the class to excel and gave us all the chance to prove ourselves. Earning the legendary honey was never about winning something you could put on your toast or in your tea; the honey deserved to be admired as a trophy rather than sitting in the back of a kitchen cabinet. I never particularly liked honey, but, after I earned mine, I understood what the constant hype was all about. Receiving honey is truly a symbol of one’s effort and achievement. While it taught me to be competitive, it also taught me to be proud of my peers’ success. By simply creating a competition between students, you led them to accomplish the goals they had set for themselves.

The school will most certainly miss you as a teacher because you have made a lasting impression on the faculty and student body. You taught us lessons about the business world that can be applied to daily life and gave us valuable knowledge. Most importantly, you have allowed us to grow as individuals.

We will truly miss you and your sweater vests!


Emily Schmidt