School’s library proves more useful than public library


Aaron Bialer, Staff Assistant

You are walking around with your friends during an off period, when you suddenly remember the research paper that you have been procrastinating on for weeks. It is due first period tomorrow and you have not even started to collect books or journal articles for the topic. With your hectic after-school schedule, you will not be able to visit the public library. So, prepared to pull an all-nighter, you rush to the school library and end up with a couple of good books.

Although the school library may seem pointless with the Port Washington Public Library so close, the library is beneficial for its convenience.

“The school library offers resources to students who do not want to go all the way to the public library. Though it may not offer as many books, it is much more convenient,” said sophomore Lauren Livingston.

While an upperclassman could walk to the public library on an off period and pick up a book, it is more time efficient to just use the school library’s facilities that are a few steps away.

Furthermore, since an underclassman is not even allowed to go off campus, the trip to the public library only serves to be a hassle and a waste of time.

The public library is farther away from the school than it may seem—about a mile away—and being a continuously exhausted high school student doesn’t exactly help with speed walking.

Walking may take about twenty minutes each way; leaving only a limited amount of time during an hour long off period.

Additionally, the school library offers a wide variety of useful books and textbooks for students to work with during off periods.

Also, instead of having to go to each resource room separately, a student can find all of their textbooks in the library.

Teachers can also reserve books to help students write research papers.

Without the school library’s wide selection of books, teachers would be limited in guiding their students through a tough paper.

Additionally, the librarians can often help with specific assignments because they work directly with teachers on creating and aiding students with research papers.

The books can also provide amusement on a boring, lonely, or stressful day. After taking your first in-class final of the year, you can sit, calm yourself down, and reread the first Harry Potter book for the tenth time.

Aside from the convenience of its books, the school library is useful for its working space and computers.

The commons and cafeteria are often loud. Hence, a quiet cubicle is much better for getting work done efficiently.

“The library is the best location in the school for getting work done. I often use the textbooks and other resources,” said sophomore Shari Meltzer.

The school library is useful, despite the school being close to the public library. Being able to take out books directly at school is convenient, and the librarians know exactly what we as high school students need.

Additionally, the library is a nice quiet place to do work. When it comes down to it, the school library is a valuable resource because it caters directly to the high school student.

The Schreiber librarians are trained in database research and can help students to excel in their studies. Since the school is subscribed to many elite educational research sites, students can access these resouces to work to the best of their abilities.

Next time you begin a research paper, be sure to check out the school’s extensive resources before you go to the public library.