Kicking off the fall season with a boot

Caroline Ogulnick, Assistant Features Editor

Throw your summer flip-flops away, because another shoe is dominating this fall season.  Although many will miss exposing their nicely tanned toes to the summer sun, as the colder months approach,  it is time for a footwear adjustment.  Having a solid pair of boots is a necessity when transitioning into the fall and winter seasons.  Boots are an easy go-to shoe for the cold weather, as they go with an endless number of outfits and come in an infinite number of styles.

Boots are universal—there is a pair for everyone’s style preferences.  Combat boots, motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, and riding boots are among the various styles of boots that are available.  Boots’ heights range from ankle height, frequently called “booties,” to knee-high, and, sometimes, even, thigh-high.

“I love putting on my favorite boots during the fall and winter. They always keep me warm and are a great pair of shoes to have,” said junior, Abby Harari.

If your parents do not cut your budget this season, you may want to take a look at Frye boots.  Frye is a company that started in 1863; they have created fashionable and long-lasting boots for almost 150 years.  Though some of the boots can come to a whopping $300, Frye boots are well worth the money.  They typically survive through many harsh winters, and will not leave you buying a new pair of boots every fall.  Frye offers cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, combat boots, riding boots and an assortment of other styles as well.

The beloved brand Steve Madden, produces trendy boots that are reasonably priced.  With their array of styles and endless color choices, Steve Madden offers the perfect boot for  cold weather.  The company sells western boots, lace-up boots, studded boots, and even dressy boots for special occasions.  Steve Madden boots are not only sold at their own retail stores, but are also available at department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s.

Though this brand has been around since the 1950s, Dr. Martens are quickly rising as a favorite boot of the upcoming season.  Dr. Marten boots have a very distinct look with their chunky exteriors and thick rubber soles.  These boots come in over 50 prints and colors, in addition to a variety of different heights.  Dr. Martens are reasonably priced at $100-$200, and, if you take good care of them, can last well over ten years.  These boots are perfect for the upcoming season and are a great pair of shoes to transition into the spring and summer.

“I wear my Dr. Marten’s everyday. They match any outfit I wear, and are definitely making a huge comeback this season,” said junior, Kayla Pollock.

You can dress them up, or wear them casually.  Boots will protect your well-manicured toes from the icy winter winds, and look cute while doing so.  If Steve Madden or Dr. Marten’s do not work out for you, be sure to check out online retailers such as DSW and Zappos to purchase these cold weather essentials.  Even if you are not looking to invest hundreds of dollars into boots, you can find a cheap yet trendy pair in many boutiques or department stores.