Athlete of the Month: Carly Grieco


Grieco practices her form on the balance beam as she prepares for competition.

Eric Schissel, Contributing Writer

Flexibility, strength, and athleticism are just a few physical characteristics a gymnast must demonstrate in order to be successful.  However, one can argue that the attitude of the competitor is equally responsible for his or her success.

Gymnastics captain senior Carly Grieco embodies both the physical and mental qualities needed for success.

Having a talented gymnast and a dedicated and emotional leader as a captain is important to a team’s success.  Grieco has recognized this and was honored to take on this important yet difficult responsibility.

As a senior, she feels that it is important to be a leader and to guide her younger teammates.

Her team-first mentality has been one of the reasons her team has been successful over the past few seasons.

Grieco feels that it is her job to help the younger girls by giving them important tips.

“I tell them just to always do their best, and to practice hard,” said Grieco. “Gymnastics isn’t an easy sport so if you want to get something, you need to set goals and work towards them.”

Sophomore gymnast Sam Hoffman has appreciated Grieco’s dedication and her attitude.

“Carly has been such a great friend and mentor.  I’m not sure how far we would have made it without her,” Hoffman said. Among Grieco’s greatest accomplishments is her election to the position of team captain.

“I’ve done gymnastics ever since I was little and it’s always been a sport that I’ve loved.  It’s great to see all my hard work pay off now that I’m a senior,” said Grieco.

Grieco loves being around her teammates on and off the floor.

“I love the team because we’re all friends no matter what grade and we really are a family,” said Grieco.  “We bond so much not just at practice but outside of school as well.  I will definitely miss the team but I’ll come back to visit.”