Every day the Schreiber custodians put in tons of extra hours before and after school in order to keep our school sanitary and hygienic.  Without these hardworking employees, students would get sick from the germs that they are surrounded by each day.  Schreiber custodians should be commended for all of their hard work that often goes unnoticed.

Schreiber’s bathrooms normally would be messy and filthy, but since we are lucky enough to have janitors who are so conscientious, the bathrooms are spotless.  Also, one of the janitors goes around to each table in the cafeteria with large groups of students with a cardboard tray and asks if anyone has garbage.

After school ends, the custodians take out the trash, sweep under the desks, and make the classroom into its original form.

Since the custodians work after school ends, all of their hard work is overlooked because few students are in the building.

The custodians deserve much more credit than they currently receive. Every day students should take the time to recognize what they do for us.