Athlete Of the Month Joey Alagna

Max Miranda, Staff Writer

Senior Joey Alagna, now captain of the boys basketball team, has been working at his sport since he was 10 years old. Since then, Alagna has developed into an instrumental leader of the team.

“Being selected captain was a great accomplishment. It takes tremendous discipline to have daily workouts year round and you need to be a leader on and off the court. It makes it worth it though because I enjoy the challenge that the game gives me. Every time I hit the court I have to challenge myself mentally and physically,” said Alagna.

Although Alagna averages 7.5 points and just under one three-pointer per game, the impact he makes on the team is felt on the defensive end.  The senior  emphasizes a heavy focus on defense.

“I think defense is the most important aspect in basketball. Especially this year, defense plays a big role for our team,” said Alagna. “If we play good defense and stop the other team from scoring, our offense will come naturally because we all can score as a team.”

Under Alagna’s leadership the team is currently 6-4 with a 3-2 conference record.

Their record puts them in third place in Nassau Conference AA-II and while the team has made improvements from last season, they still have their sights set on the more important goal, of reaching the playoffs.

“Hopefully, my leadership will take us to the playoffs this year, and I’ll have a positive influence on the team, so we can all become basketball players,” said Alagna.

The senior is currently weighing college options and considering playing at the Division III level.