Pride in Port Committee begins brainstorming for Spirit Week

Sally Kuan, Staff Writer

Every year, the student body joins together in a competitive show of school spirit. However, the pep and spirit that descend upon classrooms and hallways require months of planning in advance. As winter comes to an end, the Pride in Port Committee has started to plan the events of Spirit Week to take place from March 11 to 15.

The Pride in Port Committee holds a pep rally in the fall as a part of Pride in Port, and since 2008, the Spirit Week Committee has organized Spirit Week in late winter, which culminates with a second pep rally.  This new tradition began when two senior girls proposed the idea, in an effort to bolster school spirit, which often lags halfway through the year.

The different class clubs have organized the whole event.  If students wish to get involved, propose ideas, or help out in any way, they can speak to their class club advisors.  The advisors are math teacher Mr. Joseph Lederer for the freshman class, technology teacher Mr. Neil Miller for the sophomore class, business teacher Ms. Deborah Servat for the junior class, and health teacher Ms. Janine Kalinowski for the senior class.  Most of the decisions concerning Spirit Week are made through the class clubs.

“The Student Council is also very excited and involved with the whole event this year,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Julie Torres.

As the date of the event approaches, class club members will form a larger group that meets frequently to prepare and organize Spirit Week.  They also hold joint class club meetings to plan the events.  The class clubs meet every Wednesday morning to brainstorm ideas and discuss plans. So far, the committee has decided on the week and have listed ideas for the theme days. Students can expect new themes for each day including Throwback Thursday.

“We really have no idea what we’re doing with the Pep Rally, but there were a few classics that I want to bring back,” said senior Elana Galassi.

Even if they are unable to contribute to the planning of the event, students can still participate and show off school spirit.  They can wear the colors or dress up according to the given themes throughout the week and join in on the activities that will be held every day of the week during the 4-1 and 4-2 lunch periods.

The committee meets every other Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. in the Writing Center and all students are welcome to attend.

“We would like to see people getting more involved with the class clubs,” said health teacher Ms. Kalinowski.