School should play an active role in combating drug use on campus

Michaela Gawley, Staff Writer

It is nearly impossible to walk up from the Monfort lot without getting a whiff of cigarette smoke.

The path by the tennis courts seems to be students’ favorite spot for smoking.  Students would never try to smoke on the front steps, or in the courtyard, so why are they allowed to smoke here?

If Schreiber generally enforces a strict zero-tolerance policy, than why do students consistently get away with smoking and abusing drugs on school property without punishment?

“Even when you don’t see people smoking, you can smell it,” said senior Debbie Oyarzun.  “The school should be doing more to stop this.”

This is an inappropriate use of free time on school grounds, and there should be a security guard at the top of the staircase during times of increased traffic.This would help to regulate student drug use.

It is unfair for students to have to be exposed to second-hand smoke every time that they walk to the parking lot.

It is not the school’s job to regulate smoking or drug use off of school property.

Students are old enough to make their own decisions without the school intervening.

However, the school is responsible for drug use on school grounds, and should not allow drug use on campus.

Allowing smoking on school property sends a negative message to students and expresses that the school is not concerned with student’s drug use.

“Smoking on campus is horrible. Kids should make better decisions,” said Science teacher Marla Ezratty. “However, placing guards in select locations for the whole day to prevent drug use would be futile.”

The administration works diligently to actively combat drug use among students.

The school holds assemblies on drug use for students, and brings in all different types of individuals who have dealt with the effects of drug use.

Schreiber also has prestigious health education program, and the teachers provide a safe environment for students to express their opinions on drug use.

The school also has excellent resources for students who struggle with substance abuse issues and would like to get help.

It is clear that the administration works to create a safe and drug-free environment for their students.

However, their failure to act towards smoking and other drug abuse on school property is inconsistent with the rest of their policies and programs.