Photograpy students get a taste of the wild at the Bronx Zoo

Rachel Cho, Assistant News Editor

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! On April 24, Mr. Peter Koch’s Digital Photography and Ms. Kris Murphy’s AP Photography and 2D Design students went on a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Throughout the course of the day, the students applied their knowledge of space and design elements from the classroom to real-world photography, while they explored the park in small groups.

“I felt it was fun, educational trip.  I loved how our teachers gave us independence throughout the zoo,” said sophomore Adam Harris.

“I really enjoyed and appreciated the trip, as it was such an incredible chance to take great pictures and have interesting subjects to photograph.  We also were given the opportunity to explore in groups, allowing for lots of variety and subject matter amongst the class,” said sophomore Gabrielle Robinson.

Attention to detail was also an essential portion of the assignment. In addition to the wide array of animals, the zoo’s architecture attracted the attention of a large number of students.

“I want them to notice the design elements that we’re studying in 2D design and create compositions that are not only about a monkey smiling at you, but are perhaps of a monkey lying in a tree, his arm out, having a gesture, in the space around him,” said Ms. Murphy.  “I want the students to learn how to photograph the animals and space in a non-tourist manner.  I wanted them to learn that it’s not just a snapshot.”

The trip received positive feedback from both teachers and students.

“I took some really amazing pictures that I wouldn’t have been able to take on my own.  I love photography and this was a really fun and productive approach to break the pattern of normal classes,” said sophomore Madeline Katz.

“You can say it was really nice to get the day off to go and take pictures,” said sophomore Hayden Quigley

Photo classes have taken a trip to the Bronx Zoo for the past three years, and art teachers hope to continue the tradition.

“I think it is an excellent experience for the photo students.  They could really be out in nature and get to experience the animals in almost their natural environment, and shoot pictures and be out of the normal school environment.  The students were energized, the weather was great, the sun was shining, and  the animals were out,” said art teacher Erica Cryer.