LOTE department prepares for trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol


A group of interested sophomores and juniors listens to Ms. Korba-Rapp at an informational interest meeting about the trip’s itinerary. Next year’s trip to Spain will include about 25 students, and several more meetings are to be held. In a change from last year, the trip currently being planned is scheduled to visit Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Ana Espinoza, News Editor

Next year, Spanish students will once again have the opportunity to use their knowledge of the language and experience flavorful Spanish culture at the source.  This year’s trip was a first for the language department, and participating students visited Madrid and Toledo.  Next year, students will not only visit Madrid but also the sunny Costa del Sol region in southern Spain.

This year’s trip to Spain took place over spring break, and Spanish teachers Ms. Debra Korba-Rapp and Ms. Evelyn Joseph accompanied the students.  The two teachers will do the same next year, and the trip is again planned for spring break (which is scheduled for the third week of April).  This year’s primary tour guide, Fernando, will also return.  They expect to travel with a group of about 25 juniors and seniors, more than last year.

“It would be a totally different experience, and it would be awesome to go to another country with students and friends from school,” said sophomore Nicole Alvarado.  “I think it would be so much fun.”

The tour is organized by EF Tours, and Ms. Korba-Rapp has arranged for a custom tour for next year’s group.  This trip will be different from the one that took place last March in that students will visit southern Spain.

“Students will gain huge insight into Spanish culture,” said Ms. Joseph.  “They’re going to see the sights and they’re going to experience things like flamenco dancing and making tapas.  There are a lot of hands-on activities.”

Also among the planned activities for next year’s packed schedule are visits to the Prado museum and an 18th century bull ring, walking tours of Madrid and Seville, and guided sightseeings of Toledo and Granada.  Students will also have a free day on the Mediterranean beaches of the Costa del Sol that they can spend hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

“This is a very different tour than the one we took in March,” said Ms. Korba-Rapp at an informational meeting on May 22.

Ms. Korba-Rapp and Ms. Joseph have already held two meetings for students interested in next year’s expedition.  The meetings featured a PowerPoint presentation and detailed information about the itinerary.  Brochures were also distributed.  A third meeting for students and parents is scheduled for June 12.  Also planned is a raffle, in which three students will be selected to receive $100 off the price of their trip.

This year’s trip was very well-received by participating students and teachers, and many would recommend the trip to other students.

“My experience was amazing,” said senior Dana Mirro.  “It was so much fun and it was great to experience the culture of Spain with my friends, classmates, and teachers.  I would definitely recommend it because it was a great experience I will never forget.”

“We had a great time last year, so it was wonderful,” said Ms. Korba-Rapp.

It was also the first time in Europe for several students.  The group enjoyed many novel experiences and was able to put their Spanish skills to use.

“It was my first time in Europe, so everything seemed different to me,” said senior Eleanor Kim.  “I enjoyed touring all of the different cities, eating new foods, and just experiencing a foreign culture.  It was also really fun trying to speak Spanish to the people when we were shopping or ordering food.  I would definitely recommend the trip because it was so exciting to be in a different country with school friends and experiencing firsthand the culture we’ve been learning about since sixth grade.”

Although most of last year’s group was composed of seniors, several juniors also particpated and plan on returning next year.  Returning juniors will receive an automatic $100 off the price of their trip, should they choose to go.